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10 Amazing Social Features in SharePoint 2013

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 9, 2015 1:10 pm

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As the enterprise social network market undergoes a radical transformation, Microsoft is positioning SharePoint 2013 as the ideal tool for enterprise collaboration. According to a report by IDC, worldwide enterprise social networks market revenue is expected to grow to $3.5 billion by 2018, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.1%.

By integrating familiar social experiences like My Sites, social tagging, discussion forums, and micro blogging, SharePoint 2013 is expected to provide a gratifying, social-networking like experience for employees across organizations.

10 Amazing Social Feat

Let’s look at 10 of the best social features in SharePoint 2013:

1. Social Computing

The social computing feature in SharePoint 2013 includes personal sites, feeds, and communities with improved search capabilities, business intelligence, and document management and sharing. Connect and collaborate with people with similar interests, create networks of people with common goals, and manage knowledge in an approachable, less-formal way through blogs and wikis. Get the best from cloud services like Office 365 and Azure services, and enjoy business connectivity and interoperability.

2. My Sites

SharePoint 2013 allows individual users to manage their personal sites within the platform. Users can have quick access to a variety of content ranging from Newsfeed, OneDrive, Sites, About Me, blog, apps, tasks, and recent activity. Enjoy rich social networking and collaboration features and explore and share similar interests, exchange project information, and build business relationships with colleagues.

3. Community Sites

With Community Sites, you can now structure and encourage discussions among people across your organization by providing a common forum for exchange of information and ideas. Deploy a site for members of an individual business unit, or share email messages from a distribution list with a specific community. Give every post owner and moderator in a community the right to delete, edit, or modify a post. Promote open communication and information exchange and enable people to share their experiences and seek advice from people with similar interests.

4. OneDrive for Business

Seamlessly store documents and files in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 2013’s default document library in My Sites. Synchronize contents of the library with one or more computers or devices and work on important documents even when offline. Easily share and collaborate with other users on documents, and have all your documents in a central repository in your on-premises environment for easy access.

5. Newsfeed

View updates from people, documents, sites, and tags you are following and stay abreast with information posted by users across the enterprise. Customize your Newsfeed by adding or removing people, specifying interests, and configuring the kind of activities you want to follow. Get the latest news doing the rounds in the organization, see selected posts from people you follow, and also view all the activity feeds of a particular user.

6. Social Search

SharePoint 2013 incorporates an enhanced search capability that comprises of a social component. Get query results from multiple locations like SharePoint index or an Internet Search Engine, as specified by your site administrator. View authored documents and information on past projects along with contact and organizational information. Get query suggestions based on past search results and view additional information about a result with the hover panel.

7. Integration with Enterprise Communication

SharePoint 2013 integrates heavily with Lync and Skype, providing you a powerful way to seamlessly communicate with colleagues, clients, and potential customers through a single platform. View the contact information of participants rather than just their phone numbers during online meetings. Share and collaboratively edit notes directly from within Lync and capture participant lists via Microsoft OneNote.

8. Site Mailbox

With Site Mailbox, SharePoint 2013 users can store, access, and edit Exchange emails and SharePoint documents in a shared project space. By simple drag and drop action, you can file emails, project documents and attachments in shared folders and have access to a common pool of resources in a central email and document sharing account. The features lets you gather relevant team-level email conversations, collaborate on composing an important email, and securely share relevant documents.

9. Blogs

SharePoint 2013 users can create and publish blogs in the existing or new site to share knowledge and enhance collaboration with colleagues and co-workers. Choose a blog template, embed links for your blog, set user and content permissions, and specify navigations for easy access. Customize your blog page by editing, adding apps, or changing the look of the page.

10. Reputation Building

SharePoint 2013’s Community Sites encourages people to engage in interactive and fulfilling discussions with other users. Build a reputation on the site by getting likes, best reply tag, and gifted badges. Earn reputation points and improve status within the community. Have community owners and moderators set a point system for each community and display reputation scores on the Member’s page.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Microsoft made great strides in embedding rich social capabilities in SharePoint 2013. With these features, you can promote enriched interactions and support seamless document sharing between employees within a project or a community, and facilitate a more social environment for improved collaboration and communication.


Bhavin Sankhat
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