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20 Tips to Create Intuitive App Experiences Across Platforms

Posted by Indusa Admin on August 17, 2017 12:33 pm

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After being buried in code for months, developers often lose sight of how someone unfamiliar with the product will view and understand it. The best way to begin is with the user experience in mind. If the basic product is a success when it hits the market, you can later focus on adding features instead of having to go back to the drawing board to redesign the entire interface of your application.

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20 Tips to Create Intuitive App Experiences Across Platforms

As user expectations are constantly increasing, the need for more intuitive apps has become apparent. Below are 20 ways to improve your app user experience across platforms:

  • Make the app work faster:

    Speed is supreme (47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less); if your app does not respond to user inputs fast enough, you are at a risk of losing your user base.

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  • Simplify your users’ workflow:

    Enable the user to find what he’s looking for; go for an easy workflow and let your user get answers to his questions quickly and easily.

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  • Make sure your navigation is intuitive:

    Offering an intuitive navigation = having understood your users and their needs. Be intuitive; guide users to information in the app, without them having to search for it.

  • Reduce the amount of text:

    While you can embed a lot of content in your app, follow the “little is more” mantra to achieve success

  • Examine your graphics:

    Again, stay minimal. While attractive graphics might be an easy way to lure visitors to your app, ensure it doesn’t slow down your app!

  • Optimize your calls to action:

    The main aim of your app should be to enable action. So always make sure to optimize your calls to action; keep forms simple, and drive your users to places in the app that result in action – an inquiry, a request, or even better, a sale!

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  • Don’t reinvent patterns:

    Although innovation is much sought after, don’t overdo it! Use patterns you see in popular apps to help users learn your interface.

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  • Group related elements:

    Your app is a success if users are able to find information. A great way to make sure is to group related objects together.

  • Less is better:

    Every button you add is another chance for a new user to get confused and leave. Ask yourself: If this app only did one thing, what would it be?

  • Plan before developing:

    Take some time to break down your app into a wireframe before starting to code and get clarity on how the app will look.

  • Provide feedback:

    Instead of making users click the same button several times due to a slowly responding site, provide a cue to let them know what’s going on, and eliminate frustration.

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  • Offer unobtrusive help:

    Although you might be tempted to help the user when you realize they’re stuck in your app, it’s very important to respect their privacy, and let them learn on their own. Offer help only when asked.

  • Help users decide:

    Help new users follow through with the task they’re most likely to do by guiding them to the next best step.

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  • Focus on target users:

    While you might be tempted to add graphics/data/buttons you’ve seen on other apps, always design for your specific audience.

  • Guide users:

    It’s very important for users to not get lost in your app. Make sure your UI guides them to information they’re looking for. Be intuitive. Be precise.

  • Be consistent:

    Nothing is more attractive than consistency. So make sure your interface is consistent throughout the app.

  • Test:

    Each user is different — so make sure you test your app at every stage of development. Give special importance to usability testing.

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  • Mobile-enable your application:

    Transforming your existing web application into a mobile technology-based solution has more benefits than you can imagine. Unlock current enterprise system data and application logic, boost user adoption, and reduce costs by promoting self-service.

  • Focus on encryption:

    Any compromise to user data is a compromise to your brand and its identity. Keep security as the foundation at each stage of development, and make sure your data as well as the data of your user is always protected.

  • Build a hierarchy:

    Get users to give undivided attention to items in your app you just don’t want them to ignore. Highlight the most important elements of your app, and then provide an array of endless options for users to choose from.

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Keeping the App User Experience In Mind

Developing apps in this day and age is like walking a tight rope; not only do developers have to meet the growing needs of users, they also have to embrace the latest technological advances to stay relevant.

In this fine balancing act, the app should be simple and easy to use, and also attractive and innovative – that’s how you will stay ahead of competition. So make sure your app has all that it takes to be successful – fast, intuitive, attractive, easy-to-use – and always find that right balance between functionality and ease of use.

With growing expectations of users, creating an intuitive application experience has become more important than ever. Learn how Indusa can help you take control of your apps.

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