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5 Dynamics 365 Features to Dominate the Retail Business

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 15, 2017 11:14 am

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In case you missed it, Dynamics 365 is forever changing the way retail industries are conducting business. New wave marketing trends, such as, digitization has brought about a major revolution in the way products and services are being delivered and consumed in the retail segment – while DFL is delivering products using drones, Nike’s Digital Retail Experience is bringing together a complete integration of Social and CRM.

5 Dynamics 365 Features to Dominate the Retail Business

As customers become increasingly aware, they expect faster, high-quality service, with shorter delivery times and user convenience. With customer demands changing on a daily basis (and become increasingly challenging), creating new retail experiences through business processes and systems that are seamless, cost effective, fast, flexible, and customer centric is getting increasingly critical.

Managing the sourcing and timely supply of goods to customers across multiple channels (while simultaneously responding to their feedback), is not an easy job. Many businesses simply don’t have the IT systems and capabilities to handle these demands adequately. That’s where Dynamics 365 for Retail succeeds – with complete enterprise retail management capabilities, Dynamics 365 brings all critical retail functions together – fully integrated into a single, comprehensive cloud solution. The highly scalable, multi-site, multi-currency ERP and CRM platform leverages Windows, Office and other essential Microsoft server platforms– and offers easy to use applications and lower overall total cost of ownership.

D365 Features to Dominate Retail Business

5 Dynamics 365 Features to Dominate Retail

Wondering how Dynamics 365 for Retail can enable you to make smarter decisions faster (with timely access to real-time insights and intelligence)?  Here are the top 5 Dynamics 365 features

1. Fuel Global Expansion with Deployment Flexibility:

If accelerating innovation and future growth is a top business priority, then with Dynamics 365 you can get the required agility to respond to changing business needs. Deploy an end-to-end solution to run your entire retail operation or choose a specific business right now and expand into others later. The cloud scalability feature enables you to offer exceptional services to your customers, while ensuring the highest degree of compliance and data security. Easily manage the complexities of multiple languages, multiple sites, multiple business units, and complex international taxation and regulatory requirements, and grow as your business grows in new markets. Enjoy the perks of native deployment to the Azure cloud, and easily and efficiently install and configure components for your specific business.

2. Sell Across Channels:

As the buying experience evolves, customers are demanding intuitive, engaging, informative solutions that make the shopping experience fun and rewarding, and offering anything less will cost you a lot. Customers want to shop on their terms – they want to be able to buy any product or service wherever they are, at the time that’s convenient to them, and using the device of their choice. As they move across multiple channels during their engagement with your brand, Dynamics 365 equips your employees with modern, connected, mobile-enabled solutions with a 360-degree view of the customer. Operate with unprecedented levels of productivity and offer world-class customer service – at retail outlets with modern point-of-sale features like payment integration and offline capabilities and on your e-commerce website with features such as rich consumer APIs, authentication integration, and modern search based technology for faster and more accurate search results.

3. Efficiently Manage Merchandise:

As new channels, new markets, and new products and services constantly emerge, you need to constantly anticipate trends in order to adapt and maintain market leadership. Dynamics 365 offers powerful merchandising capabilities – craft product catalogs with rich visualizations, descriptions, images, and texts, and enrich your product offering. Create orders and quotes, track orders, and manage inventory from a single interface, and always stay informed. Centrally manage your assortment, and configure loyalty and discount programs. So, whether you’re managing physical stores, or offering products over your e-commerce website, with Dynamics 365, you can always be sure to offer the right products, in the right quantity, at the right time, to the right audience, and at the right price (with the right appeal).

4. Operate with the Required Intelligence:

Dynamics 365 for retail has powerful analytics built-in that are coupled with intuitive recommendations. Respond to customer needs faster, and make informed decisions quicker – drive growth through deep data insights. Leverage the benefits of your own personal workspace (category and product management, prices and discounts, and catalog management), and improve upon your key front and back office operations (including inventory management and vendor relations) to deliver higher revenue and margins. Centrally manage all your tasks and actions related to channel deployment, operations, and retail IT operations and offer exceptional out of the box channel support. Facilitate impactful customer experiences with social insights, and highlight trends that define your brand. Implement promotions and discounts through your social sites, and create the required brand awareness.

5. Always Stay Connected:

Seamless access to the same line-of business applications while on the road is critical for your retail organization. With Dynamics 365, your field sales reps, mobile professionals, service technicians, and support staff can always stay connected to create greater efficiencies. Track inventory in real-time, optimize store operations, and maintain all your orders and quotes on your mobile device. Access BI data in the form of meaningful visualizations and drive your business in the right direction. Open new business opportunities, drive increased productivity, and reduce costs within your retail organization. Make the most of the familiar, flexible, and financially compelling mobile solutions platform, and serve your customers around-the-clock.

Drive Growth

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is a top goal for every retail organization. Dynamics 365 for Retail helps you respond to the needs of customers across channels, devices, and geographies. Offering a seamless and rewarding shopping experience is a sure shot way of ensuring customers keep coming back to you. So arm your associates with intelligent tools, manage around-the-clock merchandizing, choose the deployment model that suits your current business scenario to deliver exemplary service, and inspire loyalty. Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers amazing customer experiences through intelligent operations.

Final Thoughts

The new age digital marketing trends have already become the norm for many industries. Retail in particular has benefited greatly from the rising emergence of e-commerce sites. Dynamics 365 for retail is providing marketers with a competitive advantage that is separating them from the rest of the pack.

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