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6 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Solve Human Resource Challenges

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 13, 2017 12:15 pm

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A motivated workforce is one of the main factors that define the success of any enterprise. If you want to be successful, you must focus on honing the skills of your workforce, and empowering them to excel. However, keeping your workforce happy (and satisfied) doesn’t come easy. Every organization faces a plethora of HR challenges that restricts them from fully achieving their departmental goals: from recruiting new staff (with specific skills), to training them (so they can do their jobs well), retaining them (for lower employee turnover), ensuring their health and safety, and improving their productivity levels – having the right people with the right abilities at the right time and the right place is certainly a challenge faced worldwide.

6 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Solve Human Resource Challenges

With Dynamics 365, you can overcome popular HR challenges, and complete all your tasks in an efficient and secure manner while adding value to all areas of your organization.
Human Resource Challenges

6 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Solve HR Challenges

Let’s look at six challenges, and the solutions offered by Dynamics 365 that make it the ultimate tool for your HR department:

Challenge 1: Recruitment

To meet the growing needs of customers, there is a constant requirement of new talent. With organizations requiring 26.4 working days to fill a job (and the cost of unfilled jobs amounting to $13 billion per month in US alone), selecting the best candidate (from millions of profiles) and making the hired candidate familiar with the environment and culture is one of the biggest challenges faced by any HR department. The range of skills that candidates possess have not necessarily been provided by traditional educational systems. In addition, the lack of standardization in education makes scrutinizing job qualifications complex. The disparities that exist between various regions and institutions across countries make it difficult for HR to make informed hiring decisions. Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn and its trove of information about millions of people and their professional contacts is an invaluable boost to recruitment in trying to find good employees.

Solution: Recruitment

With Dynamics 365’s recruitment module, you can:

  • Quickly publish open placements on company websites and social media platforms including LinkedIn
  • Efficiently submit, manage and organize open placements, and track responses to job postings
  • Handle applications and the application processes in a structured manner
  • Leverage a host of recruiting channels, shortlist profiles using skill mapping, and schedule interviews
  • Efficiently hire single applicants and manage mass hires (to meet seasonal business needs)
  • Maintain competencies, references, accommodation requests, and personal information of applicants

Human Resource Challenges 1

Challenge 2: Training

Skilled workers are often the key to smooth functioning of any organization. Organizations have to enable employees to reach their career objectives while delivering critical business needs. So updating the skills and capabilities of employees (on-site and offsite) is essential for success, for which training sessions (classroom as well as online) have to be organized. Organizations also need to deliberate factors that might affect training sessions like time, location, and cost and make a clear roadmap in establishing an impactful event.

Solution: Training

With Dynamics 365 you can:

  • Get insight into training programs currently required
  • Finalize instructors, course types, courses, course descriptions, agendas, and sessions
  • Understand the objective and audience for each training
  • Register participants, and assign course location and classroom (also recommend hotels)
  • Organize, deliver, and analyze training courses
  • Get tips on how to make sessions effective
  • Understand the cost to the company

Human Resource Challenges 2

Challenge 3: Management

Adapting to a rapidly changing worker profile has become one of the most challenging tasks for organizations worldwide. Most HR organizations presume that they can sit back and relax once they successfully cross the recruitment hurdle. However, efficiently managing your workforce is far more important. A multi-generational workforce with immense and growing cultural diversity necessitates the need for people management – you have to provide them with tasks that make full use of their potential, ensure their health and safety, manage their leaves and absences, and communicate with them as and when required.

Solution: Management

Dynamics 365 enables you to:

  • Maintain comprehensive worker information
  • Set up plans to effectively and equitably manage compensation
  • Establish absence policies and get an overview of all absences
  • Define and administer benefit plans
  • Implement and track profile-based time management
  • Automate processes (without having to code)

Human Resource Challenges 3

Challenge 4: Development

Developing the skills and capabilities of your workforce is a constant process. In the world of globalization, where everything is changing at lightning fast speed, staying relevant with technology and trends has become a requisite to ensure competitive success. Therefore, offering development programs to employees to hone their skills (technical and social) is more important than ever. With millions of people (from different ages, cultures, and demographic profiles) sweeping the world, initiating and implementing creative solutions to educate, integrate, and retain a rapidly changing and diverse working population is vital.

Solution: Development

 With Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Efficiently align workforce skills and business needs
  • Assess career and job history at a glance in a personnel record
  • Establish skill-based goals and manage worker competencies
  • Maintain performance journals and assess the goals and activities for your company, department, or employee
  • Let employees document and discuss their performance with their managers
  • Set up performance reviews and offer continuous feedback and development plans

Challenge 5: Retention

With demographic changes come increased motivations and expectations. Around 1/3 of employees quit within the first 6 months of a new job. Very often, retention strategies that are driven by financial compensation alone don’t work. A large percentage of workforce also requires better working culture (one that’s free of micromanagement), a learning atmosphere (where everyone works towards a common goal) as well as a challenging environment (that requires employees to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge). 38 percent of hirers rank a “fun, engaging, company culture” as the most attractive quality of a business. Ensuring the workforce is committed is vital to minimize employee turnover rate. Organizations not only have to make the contingent workforce (part-time, contract, and work-from-home employees) feel a part of the system, but also meet the growing demands of expert personnel (with great professional and technical knowledge).

Solution: Retention

With Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Get a 360° overview of employees with organizational and hierarchical mapping for departments and employees
  • Administer all of your employees’ facilities and equipment
  • Get real-time insight into employee skills and competences and enable engagement
  • Manage and follow up performance reviews
  • Keep a tab on previous and current wage components of employees

Challenge 6: Motivation

In a highly competitive world, motivating employees is synonymous with success. Maximizing profit while minimizing cost is the essence of productivity – the higher the productivity level, the more successful a company will be. Ultimately, organizations should always focus on maintaining their productivity levels. Organizational goals should include better communication, more staff empowerment, and offering opportunities for career (and personal) growth, while providing incentives.

Solution: Motivation

With Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Efficiently create skill-based compensation plans (wages, salaries, and bonuses)
  • Develop benefit programs including health insurance, retirement plans, and loan programs
  • Maintain a safe work environment (compliant with applicable laws)
  • Understand authorized roles and user rights, and offer seamless role-based access
  • Enable comprehensive reporting with dynamic reports, interactive dashboards, and visual charts
  • Offer seamless integration with other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint
  • Enable all relevant functions on mobile devices for improved, anytime, anywhere productivity

Human Resource Challenges 4

Win Your Employees

Rapidly changing worker profiles have been putting immense pressure on private and public sectors. Organizations are compelled to initiate and implement creative solutions to hire, manage, develop, train, retain, and motivate employees to cater to a multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce. With Dynamics 365, you can overcome all the HR challenges that you face in your organization and deploy measures to win your employees – the baby boomers, the millennials, and all those who aspire to be a part of your organization.

Still see potential challenges? Visit Indusa and let us help you with any Dynamics 365 challenges you might have.

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