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Air Traffic Control’s Unlikely Lessons for Marketing

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 26, 2015 8:37 am

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Have you ever been on a flight and wondered how planes are directed and guided in the skies without coming close to each other?   

Air Traffic Control

According to Dr. Freudenrich in his article “How Air Traffic Control Works,” there are about 5000 airplanes in the sky in the United States every hour during peak air travel times.This is an endeavor that must take major planning and coordination; while passengers are on the plane sleeping, eating or watching movies, there is an air-tight process that is happening to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable flight.  Clearly, there needs to be room for flexibility with bad weather, turbulence, and any other unexpected changes. As the baton moves from one control center to another, communication has to be clear and tight between the teams to maintain safety.

As I read about the flight process, I realized that as B2B marketing continues to grow and evolve, some issues are similar to the lack of centralized planning, such as lack of visibility and alignment between sales and marketing teams, and difficulties relating planning with outcomes. Wow! If air traffic controllers and pilots didn’t have the tools they have, then I don’t think air travel would be the massive industry that it is now.

Luckily, our friends at Hive9 created a marketing planning and performance measurement tool called Gameplan for stronger marketing planning, coordination, and communication.The tool is a simplified suite to budget, calendar, create demand models, optimize marketing mix, and report. Gameplan is the first marketing planning and budgeting solution specifically for B2B marketers. Gameplan seeks to help B2B marketers have a better process so their campaigns and strategies take off with improved results, with the following features –

Strategic Alignment with Improved Collaboration

Defining and creating a standardized and transparent coordination between teams in different locations is a must, just as there is coordination among air controllers; for example, an enterprise-wide online template storing captured information as structured document. This helps marketers establish the consistency of information and automate report generation, linking the marketing strategy to marketing objectives, channels, segments and products.This also allows an organization to ensure that everyone is operating with the same goals in mind and striving to achieve the same objectives.


Enterprise resource tools allow real-time optimization based on performance data using agile methodology.  You need data to eliminate uncertainty and “fire drills” through tight integration with a CRM, along with predictive modeling, so marketing can change course when necessary.

Customer Experience

From actionable audience insights and touch analysis, to a customer point of view of your marketing plan through an intuitive calendar, the solution empowers effective data-driven interactions with your customers throughout their purchase journey. Since Hive9 is a digital marketing company itself, the tool is developed by marketers for marketers, making its user interface attractive and easy to navigate.


Bidirectional integration with Marketo, Oracle (Eloqua), and other marketing automation systems allow you to create a campaign in the application, push the campaign into the automation platform, and pull the results back into application.


Measure and improve ROI through actionable insights to make intelligent marketing investments through allocating your budget to tactics so you can deliver a marketing mix optimized for maximum ROI.  The optimization capability helps marketers decide where incremental marketing dollars should be spent, and sort tactics by revenue to cost ratio or how much spend is necessary. Trying to decide whether to allocate dollars to webinars? Content marketing? SEO? Gameplan will help you make an intelligent decision.

Marketing planning and budgeting takes data, insight, and communication between various teams.  To have a process that is as seamless as air traffic controllers, marketing planning and performance measurement tools will give B2B marketers a leg up with the right tool built just for their needs.

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Brijmohan Bhavsar
About the Author – Brijmohan Bhavsar

Brijmohan Bhavsar is the Senior Project Manager(.Net) at INDUSA. He is an Application Developer himself, and Project Leader in a wide variety of business applications.


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