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A Complete Preview and Analysis of Microsoft AX

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 25, 2015 7:48 am

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Microsoft’s latest ERP solution, Dynamics AX, has been completely reimagined to fit seamlessly in the new age “cloud-first, mobile-first” world. The remastered ERP will no longer have a separate release name or year, in hopes of reflecting the realities of a continuously improving and updated product on the cloud.

Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, talked with our partner portal, ERPSoftwareBlog and explained the preview that would be later be revealed to the public.

AX Welcome Screen

Public Preview of Dynamics AX

During his preview and analysis of Dynamics AX, Ehrenberg specifically highlighted five key aspects for users to focus on with the release:

1. User Experience

2. Business Intelligence

3. User and Business Productivity

4. Cloud Compatibility

5. Full Application Lifespan Capabilities

Ehrenberg went on to call it, “a completely reinvented technology stack,” Microsoft’s press release would later reveal that they’re taking next generation technology such as machine learning, powered by Azure – and visual data analytics, through Power BI, in order to deliver high-end predictive capabilities.

In the Microsoft blog, Ehrenberg explains that, “The new solution also introduces a powerful new concept called ‘Workspaces,’ where users in various roles not only get a different lens on the data, tasks, and activities tailored to their role in the organization, but also an even more focused experience in the application with additional context bringing together all the data, all the processes and everything they need to get a task done.”

Going Global

Thanks to the powerful abilities of the Azure Cloud, Dynamics AX has positioned itself to reach customers on a global scale all while keeping in mind data locality and sovereignty. Going all-in with the cloud-first release, Ehrenberg predicts that, “Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and something called Azure Stack, we’ll be able to make that same product available on-premises next year.”

Ehrenberg isn’t the only one impressed by Microsoft’s new ERP. “The intelligent capabilities of AX,” remarked Christian Pederson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics AX, “is more than just visualizing reports… It’s about how the data in the ERP systems is combined in real-time with data from outside the company to help people make more informed decisions. It’s about the ability of the solution to proactively predict issues or provide guidance to help keep you out of trouble.” Dynamics AX would be the ideal fit for mid-market level companies, as the built-in capabilities provide utility as a total package of productivity, providing seamless integration and user adoption.

AX Workspace With Power BI

Final Thoughts

Besides Ehrenberg and Pederson, Dynamics AX has already caught the eye of someone you might already know. Kamlesh Shah, founder of Indusa shared his thoughts on the new ERP and believes that it’s a seminal opportunity for many mid-market companies, whether you have AX ERP right now or not.

Indusa is currently working with several companies in preparing for implementing the new AX, and is working with Microsoft to achieve the shift to the cloud. “Now is the time to assess your current AX implementation, or even another ERP environment, and prepare a roadmap to the new AX.” He added, “Whether it is currently hosted on-premises or a third party, a roadmap detailing migration to the cloud will be complex and require the appropriate technical experience. Both migration and license optimization will be critical factors in ensuring you’re ready to take advantage of the new AX.”

Are you ready to leverage the latest in ERP technology for a cloud-first and mobile-first future? Here’s how to prepare.


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