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Using Social CRM to Drive Customer Engagement

Posted by Indusa Admin on October 18, 2016 12:00 pm

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Do you wonder what customers think of you and your brand? Are you concerned about how your product is being accepted across the globe? Do you often worry about meeting (or not meeting) customer expectations? If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes, then Social Engagement is for you! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Engagement feature enables your sales, service, and marketing teams to leverage cutting edge social tools and build positive and long-standing relationships with customers.

With Social Engagement, you can connect with customers, analysts, and critics on social media and gain crucial insights into your brand. According to a survey by Capterra, despite the growth of social CRM, people still want more, and the most desired CRM features are social media monitoring capabilities (25%) and the ability to pull in prospect information from social media (24%). Let’s look at some of the other amazing things you can do with Social Engagement:

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Using Social CRM to Boost Customer Engagement

  • Connect with Customers:With Social Engagement, you can boost your social media presence and connect with customers using rich multimedia. You can respond to customers’ social media posts and drive social activities by leveraging Office Groups. View profile details, publish posts from Twitter and Facebook, share feeds, and decide which customers you want to interact with.


  • Hear Them Out:Microsoft Social Engagement harnesses the power of the web and analyses customer responses on social media platforms. CRM Social Engagement supports 20 languages and caters to a multitude of social media apps – from Twitter and Facebook to online blogs, forums and news sites. With Social Engagement, you can spot trends, identify key influencers and receive alerts on how people feel about your business. This way you can make informed decisions and drive sales and service conversations more effectively.


  • Capture the Right Conversations: To successfully engage with customers on social media, you need to set up the right search topics to capture the right conversations. Using Social Engagement, you can create relevant search topics, assign applicable categories, and capture important customer conversations. Fine-tune your searches and drill into information that matters most. You can also set up automation rules and assign posts to users or groups, and create new records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for posts that match your filters.


  • Link Posts to CRM:Microsoft Social Engagement provides a platform for capturing public posts from social media and linking them to CRM. Link one or several CRM instances with Social Engagement, define and customize data structure of the linked CRM record, and display it within record details. Using rules, turn these social activities into leads, opportunities, and cases.


  • Get Market Insights:Microsoft Social Engagement uses Azure Machine Learning and offers intuitive and interactive dashboards that reflect social media opinions about your products and your brand. Get deep insights into several key social dimensions, see a list of your top fans and top critics, discover what people are saying about your brand, uncover top location-wise conversations across the world, understand customer sentiments, view current trends, analyze social posts, and steer customer engagement efforts in the right direction.


  • Convert Interactions into Decisions:Using Social Engagement tools and widgets, you can analyze the captured data and share insights across several various teams. You can transform social interactions into exceptional customer experiences and create leads or cases from social posts, from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The information also helps make crucial business decisions using rich analytics and fuel business growth.


  • Manage Social Profiles:Social Engagement enables you to manage the social profile that you use to interact with customers. McKinsey’s survey on social technologies indicate that in functions like sales and marketing, companies are applying social tools extensively and becoming more digital organizations overall. They are the most integrated into public relations, CRM, and marketing processes—where these technologies are a natural extension of existing tools. Using social profiles, you can reply to or like customer posts, and share relevant messages on social media. Authenticate Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and Instagram accounts from within Social Engagement and effectively manage your social profiles.


  • Drive Engagement:Using Microsoft Social CRM, you can connect with customers, analyze their opinions and experiences, and encourage engagements on popular social media apps. By carefully analyzing customer perceptions, you can make decisions to improve customer experiences and loyalty. 

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A lot of customer decisions today depend on recommendations and opinions of trusted contacts, public reviews, and online discussions. Conversations that earlier happened face-to-face and in isolation are now happening in public on Facebook and Twitter.

Since opinions of a few can influence millions, ensuring your products have a positive social media impact is crucial for sustaining your brand. With Social CRM, you can not only connect with customers, but also understand their sentiments and offer exceptional end-to-end customer experiences.

As Gartner rightly puts it, this is the time to enable the three social behaviors by users and between audiences and brands:

  1. Endorsement
  2. Engagement
  3. Distribution 

Social CRM offers the ability to scale personalized interactions, leading to greater productivity, and ultimately, sales. To learn more, read this eBook on how to drive sales using social listening, nurture leads with social insights, and build lasting social media relationships.

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