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Investing in a campaign management solution is a strategic decision that helps your company effectively drive cross-channel marketing strategies to deliver optimal results. Dynamics CRM incorporates a built-in campaign management module that offers marketers a single, intuitive platform to plan, target, execute, and measure their marketing campaigns. As a Niche Player in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant, Microsoft offers Dynamics Marketing for multi-channel campaign management capabilities in the cloud that works in conjunction with Dynamics CRM for integration of sales and service. Dynamics CRM not only helps you promote your business but also can help drive sales through targeted marketing campaigns.


Let’s look at some of the features of Dynamics CRM campaign management that will help you crush your next campaign:

  1. Single View of Customer:
    Dynamics CRM collects end-to-end customer-related data, tailors it to suit business needs and requirements, and presents it in a single, comprehensive marketing view. Have access to all customer related data like customer demographics, customer transactions, customer behavioral data, and campaign responses, and extract actionable insights to successfully execute cross-channel campaigns and fine-tune marketing performance.
  2. Social Engagement:
    With Dynamics CRM, you can connect with your customers and prospects through a dedicated social interface. As customers use multiple channels to consume content and interact with brands, every channel should be seamlessly integrated with a campaign management solution. This allows you to effectively incorporate the latest technological trends like social, SMS, and mobile apps to convincingly deliver positive and individualized brand experiences to customers globally.
  3. Sales Literature Area:
    With Dynamics CRM, you can store all campaign-related collateral and materials right within the solution as well as provide your sales team with quick access to relevant and important information, allowing them to effectively manage, run, and follow up on campaigns. You can also set expiration dates for each and every piece of content to ensure it’s not used once the campaign is over.
  4. Track Campaign Progress:
    After creating a target marketing list, you can use Dynamics CRM to identify common items that need to be tracked throughout the campaign. You can view details surrounding type of campaign, start and end date, campaign budget, vendors required to execute the campaign, and more. From there, track campaign progress and performance including planning tasks, activities, and literature. You can also see how customer reactions differ based on the changes you make to promotional campaigns. The system allows you to properly organize a campaign launch and obtain insight into the ROI for each campaign right from within the CRM platform.
  5. Quick Campaigns:
    Speed is of the essence in every facet of business today. With Dynamics CRM’s quick campaign feature, you can now quickly contact customers and prospects without any marketing assistance. Target a single list of customers and achieve quick execution of your campaign. Run a single campaign activity across your marketing list, accounts, contacts, and leads, and utilize the quick campaign wizard to seamlessly configure and distribute emails. Quick campaigns are ideal for leads and contacts that have been neglected and will enable you to conveniently set reminders to sales reps for follow-ups.
  6. Automated Marketing Capabilities:
    Timely and targeted marketing interactions are crucial to get the most out of your campaign management solution. Dynamics CRM allows marketers to constantly align campaign management activities with the changing interests and behavior of customers, in order to remain relevant and interesting to the target audience. With this, you can now build a marketing strategy based on the business scenario and the behavior of consumers, and automate your campaigns to ensure real-time delivery of marketing content.
  7. High Scalability and Flexibility:
    For a campaign management solution to be successful, it needs to be highly scalable and flexible to support the high message volume demands. A one-size-fits-all solution does not work, especially for large organizations with sophisticated needs. Dynamics CRM offers a flexible campaign management platform with a robust execution engine, streamlining your processes, and ensuring optimum delivery of relevant messages resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.
  8. Real-Time Interaction: For optimized outbound communications, real-time interaction capabilities is essential to get the most out of your campaign management solution. With Dynamics CRM, you can get insight into clients’ interaction history with your company, enabling you to offer real-time content and messages that are relevant and personalized across inbound and outbound channels.
  9. Reporting and Analytics Capabilities:
    Dynamics CRM incorporates modern reporting and analytics capabilities that are critical for observing customer behavior and monitoring campaign performance, providing marketers with crucial data that can be converted into actionable insights. Extract customer-related data and optimize your marketing performance across channels through the use of Dynamics CRM’s modern BI and analytics features.

Choose the Ideal Solution
Since a campaign management solution is imperative for managing long-term relationships with customers, choosing the ideal solution that best fits the needs of your organization is crucial to ensure marketing success. The campaign management module of Dynamics CRM offers an integrated system that provides actionable insight into marketing efforts, empowering organizations to engage with customers and prospects with the right product, at the right time, and through the right channel.

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