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Field Service Apps: Empowering Your Employees and Customers Alike

Posted by Indusa Admin on August 12, 2015 4:58 am

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Using innovative technology is one of the easiest ways to increase customer satisfaction – and, as we all know, more satisfied customers leads to more revenue. Field service apps, used on smart phones or tablets, are a simple and efficient way to improve the flow of your business, especially when employees need on-the-go access to information while in the field.

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If you’re not already using a field service app, then you’re falling behind on the technology trends that competitors are already embracing. With this increased use of technology, it is no surprise that 61% of field service companies are incorporating the use of smart phones or tablets into their employees’ routine. They’re using these apps as a way to streamline business processes and increase overall customer satisfaction.

There are numerous benefits to enabling enterprise mobility through field service apps. Some of the benefits include:

  • Facilitating a smarter workforce
  • Embracing BYOD trends
  • Using innovative technology to simplify business processes and reduce overhead costs
  • Ensure regulations and compliance measures are met with proper field service processes
  • Providing information on service routes, making them more efficient
  • Increasing revenue by improving efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Real-time visibility and status updates for customers
  • Providing work order history to technicians, so they can better service customers
  • Allowing improved response times and decision-making capabilities to workers in the field
  • Improved collaboration and job completion rates

Field service apps also serve the crucial purpose of distributing information. Increasing the availability of information – for both employees and clients – is one of the easiest ways to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction rates. Your technicians will no longer have to ask redundant questions or accidentally repeat services; they can view a customer’s full order history from their field service app. This seemingly simple addition to your technicians’ routine will help them serve customers to the best of their abilities – making them truly stand out among the competition.

Another way you can use field service apps is to track and monitor the activities of technicians and shipments. In one study, 89% of respondents indicated they would prefer an “Uber-like tool” that delivered real-time updates, such as whether or not their technician is running on time and when their estimated time of arrival is. This not only empowers employees by giving them better access to more accurate information – but also engages customers, making them more satisfied with your overall services.

With the numerous capabilities of field service apps, there are endless possibilities for improving your customer service efforts. If you want to empower employees, entice customers, and expedite processes, consider using a field service app today.

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