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Get Actionable Insights from Enterprise Data with Mobile Analytics

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 23, 2016 4:55 am

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Mobile technology has revolutionized how businesses operate and interact with customers. It influences every stage of the manufacturing process as well as the customer’s buying journey. With the proliferation of mobile devices and apps, billions of bytes of data are created each day that include countless videos and images, business transactions, geo-positioning information, and updates on social media. This data increasingly originates from and is consumed through mobile devices, leading to a year-over-year increase in mobile data traffic.

So how does one manage, monitor, and analyze such large volumes of data? Through mobile analytics! Mobile applications bring together huge amounts of data, which when analyzed, offer important and useful insights into a wide range of operations. The wealth of data and analytics that are derived from usage have the potential to radically transform the way you do business. You can use this knowledge to improve your business efficiency and offer improved user experiences.


Within the Manufacturing Enterprise
In today’s global environment, manufacturers are spread across geographic locations with multiple factories, office locations, and partners. In spite of, and because of this global reach, employees need full access to real-time information, compelling manufacturers to keep their employees well-connected and informed. By leveraging the right mobile capabilities, you can easily share vital information and connect employees, administrators, and your management team to improve workplace communication and productivity. Some benefits you can achieve using mobile analytics are:

  • Real-Time Shipment and Vehicle Tracking: Mobile analytics solutions like GPS location capture allows you to view shipping and delivery routes on a map, and calculate the date and time of arrival/delivery of your shipment. Managing and reviewing routes not only increases the speed of deliveries, but also helps save expense on fuel, vehicles, and time.
  • Higher Quality Control: With GPS and time/date stamps, inspections are simple to manage, enabling you to comply with the necessary regulations, safety standards, and quality of goods produced. You can get a summary of quality control activity as well as suppliers’ and partners’ quality standards and benchmarks in order to make critical business decisions.
  • Greater Employee Visibility: With mobile analytics, employees can be tracked on a daily or hourly basis. GPS technology allows management and safety officials to know where employees are in a plant and how long they have been there, ensuring they perform the precise work at the appropriate location. In the event of an emergency, knowing where an employee is in a factory can ensure the safety and well-being of shop floor staff.
  • Improved Productivity: Talking about employee productivity, mobile analytics can help predict tasks employees need to perform and also offer reminders to complete those tasks. Proactive alerting ensures employees never miss out on critical business opportunities and enable them to stay focused on their value-adding, decision-making responsibilities.
  • Greater Accuracy of Information: Tracking employee productivity is an important component for manufacturers. Mobile analytics help create reliable systems to deliver on-demand, accurate real time data that helps in better planning and management of your processes and the assembly line.
  • Simple Machine Management: With mobile analytics, you can integrate your machines with mobile devices and handle them through mobile apps. By monitoring the workflow of machines, you can build your assembly line more accurately, making the entire manufacturing process a lot simpler.
  • Better Decision Making: Best-in-class mobile apps with top-notch mobile analytics features allow you to stay more connected and make better decisions on the fly. With touch-optimized reports and dashboards, you can have instant access to business critical information, no matter where you are.

Get the Most out of Mobile Analytics
Mobile technology plays a significant role in both work and personal life. Unlike desktops and laptops, which have restricted portability, mobile analytics can provide entirely new data sets, allowing you to empower employees and understand customers like never before. Mobile analytics is one of the richest forms of analytics available that offer the tools you need to have more personalized interactions with customers. Understand the ROI of mobile investment, measure what matters, optimize your mobile strategy, and make the customer experience worthwhile with mobile analytics.

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About the Author – Manan Thakkar

Manan Thakkar is a Solution Architect who spearheads&Indusa’s strategic initiatives to maximize customer benefits. His expertise is in enterprise consulting and solution design globally and he plays a key role in institutionalizing mobility to position Indusa’s services in leading enterprises.