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How Dynamics is Delivering Superior Customer Service

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 9, 2016 12:59 pm

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CRM has transformed the way people interact with businesses; communication has become more intelligent and has enabled customers to have richer interactions with brands. Customer service is now a key brand differentiator and lies at the epicenter of every company’s core strategy. Many customers today prefer to resolve product and service issues on their own, through self-service portals, making meeting customer demands more challenging than ever. So, it has become imperative that customer service agents are equipped with the best tools and technology that enable quick resolution of complex issues and foster customer satisfaction.


Microsoft Dynamics’ latest CRM release puts customer service at the forefront of every organization’s customer engagement strategy. Dynamics CRM 2016 empowers customer service agents with a unified portal, helping them deliver fast, informed, and effective solutions that easily adapt to changing customer demands. Quick resolution of customer issues coupled with positive interactions between agents and customers ensures you deliver the required outcomes in a secure and flexible environment. Let’s look at how Dynamics CRM 2016 delivers customer service with new capabilities and innovations:

  1. Smarter Decision Making: Dynamics CRM 2016 is built with enhanced insights and intelligence and a native knowledge management system that allows you to capture and access important information for enhanced customer issue resolution. Analytics driven intelligence enables you to understand and improve the performance of service operations. Moreover, machine learning capabilities empowers agents by providing answers to critical questions and helping them solve problems quickly. With Azure Machine Learning, you can identify issue patterns and get actionable insights from past issues that help continuously improve service performance and decision making capabilities.
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Dynamics CRM 2016 not only enables agents to have intelligent interactions with customers, it also empowers customers to provide meaningful feedback. By capturing customer feedback through surveys and feedback forms, agents can shape customer engagements with easy-to-use touch enabled tools. Such feedback will enable better market understanding to develop solutions that meet customer needs. You can also leverage social channels with Azure Machine Learning to instantly track and analyze relevant customer perceptions through Microsoft Social Engagement, and directly engage with customers on Twitter and Facebook, and convert issues surfaced through social media into monitored cases.
  3. Improved Agent Experience: Dynamics CRM 2016 has an inbuilt interactive service hub that provides agents with the information they need for quick resolution of customer issues. Real-time dashboards offer a single-view of the entire workload, giving agents the flexibility to choose the order of case resolution depending on the severity and priority. With interactive charts, agents can view visual representations of work items and get notifications on priority items that need faster resolutions. With the unified service desk, agents can connect with peers and customers through Microsoft’s tools like Yammer and Skype for better collaboration and communication. What’s more, integration with Office 365, BI, and Excel enables you to accurately track query progress, share best practices with colleagues, and forecast customer needs and requirements.

Delivering Superior Customer Service Solutions
Dynamics CRM 2016 offers comprehensive customer service solutions, empowering customer service agents with intelligent insights at their fingertips to help deliver personalized, proactive, and swift service and resolution.  With predictive analysis, machine learning, and integration with productivity tools like O365, Dynamics CRM 2016 is spearheading the customer service race. What are you waiting for?

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