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How to Convert your CRM Wish List into “Tech Talk” for your CIO

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 25, 2014 12:54 pm

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Have you ever felt like you and your technical counterparts are speaking two different languages? Here are three items that are on many sales manager’s CRM wish lists that may require close coordination with your IT department. We’ve provided some insight to help you cut through the technical jargon so you can get exactly what you want out of your CRM.

CRM Wishlist

Better Reporting
In the not too distant past, CRMs came out of the box and ready to function and some organizations found themselves restructuring themselves to fit into the capabilities and processes of the CRM.  Now CRMs have a variety of functions and plugins that you can choose to meet the demands and structure of your environment.  You may notice that now third party applications are also available for even further customization.  First, establish your CRM metrics; then, figure out which reports you need that come out of the box with the CRM, including in which form (lists, charts, tables) – this is critical before you speak to your CIO or dedicated developer. Finally, have a discussion about your remaining needs.  If your report isn’t available out of the box, a great developer can help you customize a solution that will collect, organize, or analyze the data that you are looking for.

A Seamless Launch
From a functional perspective, a seamless launch would include buy-in from your organization’s leadership team, a great project manager, an engaged super-user, training, a launch to excite users, and established employee metrics. A technical launch is completely different, as the CIO has to think about increased hardware, bandwidth, technical training in addition to user training and mobile optimization. When you talk to your CIO about your potential CRM purchase, you want to make sure that he’s got a good understanding of the technical requirements and a developer on hand to make sure your technical implementation goes off without a hitch.

Automating Tasks
The best thing about the CRM is that it can be automated to get your sales people to follow up on a lead or opportunity at the right time.  You should be able to do the majority of the automation yourself if you’ve got the right tool.  If there is still some functionality that you need that requires you to integrate your CRM with another tool, then you’ll need to involve your technical team.  The developer will take what’s called Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect the two tools and voila you’ve just made your sales team much stronger. 
A clean CRM implementation puts your sales team in a much stronger position to sell faster and win more deals.  It also provides you with the accurate data and reporting that you need to guide your team and provide useful information to senior management.  Being able to communicate with your technical team to achieve these goals puts you ahead of the curve.

Are there any additional wish list items that you have that will require you to team up with IT for implementation?

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About the Author – Elena Britton

Elena Britton is a leader for Indusa’s strategic marketing efforts.  She’s worked on digital and traditional marketing projects in various B2B industries with a focus on brand management, digital strategies and event management.


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