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Even though businesses are surrounded by data, they still often starve for insights. Because at the end of the day, the amount of data you have doesn’t matter – what matters is how you turn that data into insights to improve business.

Dynamics 365 is one such software that is proving to be a game changer in the overcrowded enterprise applications market. Comprised of intelligent applications and features to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products, Dynamics 365 is enabling enterprises to work smarter and meet the fluctuating needs of customers and the market. So how does it fuel insights?

By leveraging the innumerable benefits of Power BI, Dynamics 365 enables you to create rich, interactive reports and real-time visualizations and get the deepest and most critical insights – not just into your business, but also your customers, and the relationships you share.
Let’s look at some of the awesome ways you can gain cloud-based insights using Dynamics 365 and Power BI:

Streamline Customer Engagement with Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 helps your business drive rich and long-term customer relationships through intelligent analytics. And since the onus of exceptional customer experience lies across the team, it gives them the relevant insights to better understand customer needs and engage with them in newer, more innovative (and personal) ways.


Understand Customer Needs:

With Customer Insights, you can leverage big data with customer analytics to understand your customers’ needs. Identify important opportunities, get quick access to insights on how best to serve customers, and deliver personalized content.

Enjoy Unified Access:

You can connect all your data from any device, channel, or application and enjoy unified access. Manage every data point from individual customers in real time and enjoy seamless integration with familiar tools (including Outlook and Excel).

Make it Personal:

Want to make your customer interaction personal? With cloud-based insights, you can quickly evaluate customer demographics, purchase history, and interactions and fine-tune appropriate offers and content using customer intelligence and built-in predictive analytics. You also have the freedom (and the required caliber) to customize experiences on the spot to boost customer fulfilment.

Improve Collaboration:

Connect disparate data silos and create rich visualizations that illustrate your customers’ journey. Use a single, easy-to-reference dashboard and configure it across your marketing, sales, and service teams for better collaboration. Also have the liberty to prepare and visualize reports based on the data you’re working on, and embed the required customer insights into the app of your choice.

Strengthen Customer Relationships:

Make use of dozens of add-in applications from AppSource and extend your customer experience through analytics. Strengthen customer relationships by tracking interactions to rapidly identify high risk customers and judiciously tweak your interactions.

Enhance your Efficiency with Relationship Insights

Dynamics 365’s Relationship Insights leverages exceptional data integration and Power BI capabilities, and combines Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Outlook data to offer the right information, at the right time that helps your teams do daily work better – identify critical opportunities, manage communications, and take the best action. Since the feature is context sensitive, you can be certain the information presented (and the suggestions made) are relevant to whatever you are doing at any given point in time.


Understand Business Relationships:

Organize daily work and nurture vital business relationships. Analyze the vast collection of customer-interaction data (already stored in your Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Exchange systems) and better understand business relationships.

Organize your Work:

Get relevant email messages from an Outlook mailbox sent to you (based on the record you’re working on), and make the right decisions. Have your incoming email messages monitored and get informed about your upcoming travel plans, customer requests, and open invoices.

Receive Vital Information:

With the relationship assistant feature (that uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to generate a collection of interactive action cards), you can receive important information, advice, and action buttons directly on your mobile device.

Get Important Reminders:

Get reminded about important upcoming activities and get suggestions on the best time to reach out to a contact, or reply to an email message and get alerts when an opportunity is nearing its closing date.

Improve Customer Experience:

Leverage the email engagement feature to see when customers open your email, click on a link or open an attachment. Receive advice on the best time to send an email based on the recipient’s time zone, and schedule deliveries accordingly.

Take the Best Step Forward:

Get the best suggestions on your current ongoing activities, scheduled activities, and whatever you are doing right now. Evaluate your activities in relation to previous accomplishments, so you can make plans based on data and past performance.

Understand your Competition with Business Insights

Dynamics 365 makes excellent use of Power BI features to offer a remarkable self-service analytics solution. Using this, you can discover critical business information, get analytics to drive decisions, and then share this data through visualizations with your peers.

AX and PowerBI2

Create Stunning Reports:

Make the most of data analysis and visualization capabilities to get better business insights. Author reports and share dashboards across your sales, marketing, and customer service experts and enjoy a powerful new way to work with your data.

Get Smart:

With the Power BI feature, you can now receive key indicators, embed Power BI tiles directly into dashboards and interactive reports, and make quick business decisions – all without having to switch applications.

Monitor your Social Activities:

Dynamics 365’s Social Engagement feature enables you to monitor your social media channels and gain critical insights into your business performance. See what people are saying about you on social media, track your products’ (and your competitors’) performance, and better understand your customers (and their sentiments).

Get Competitive Insights:

Using Dynamics 365, you can also keep an eye on competition by assessing global campaigns and marketing efforts. Get information on the latest news and trends, and always be the first to get competitive insights.

Become Insightful

Dynamics 365 is a power-packed all-in-one software that brings together your customer, and enterprise data from multiple sources onto one platform and helps you generate a 360-degree view of your customers and your business. Seamless access to such critical information can help you understand the market and act upon it quickly.

Enjoy cloud-based insights with Power BI and model interactions with customers – get a birds-eye-view of the customer journey, see how you’re trending on social media, and get all the information you need to understand and manage competition. Leverage the power of Dynamics 365 and Power BI today and become more insightful!

Indusa offers a complete suite of Dynamics 365 services to help organizations like yours streamline processes and ensure on-time releases. Learn more today.

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