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How to Keep Your CRM Up to Speed in 10-15 Minutes a Day?

Posted by Indusa Admin on March 30, 2015 8:31 am

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Most executives find it difficult to encourage their sales team use CRM correctly and consistently. Common CRM related complaints from your sales reps may include the length of time to open, difficulty in navigating, unable to find data instantly etc.  As a result, they prefer moving back to their original way of selling without using the CRM. The sooner you can get your CRM up to speed up, the sooner you will be engaged in your sales work and close the deals.


An inappropriately used CRM system is of no use as you may lose on lead history, may contact the same lead again, or turn your hot lead to a cold one. If your sales representatives do not enter information on a regular basis, you cannot improvise your team to create more accurate sales forecasts. This way, you just end up paying for the software, without extracting its benefits.

Your sales representatives shall have a number of reasons to hate CRM, but here are some ways to make them use it effectively and keep the CRM up to speed in 10-15 minutes a day.

Follow a Process
Irrespective of how many times you ask your sales reps to use the CRM after or before a call, they’ll only do it if they know the process and doesn’t consume time. For this reason, you should provide your sales team with training documents, processes for entering a lead till its final status, and guidelines for accurate CRM usage for every step in the sales process. This will make them understand how, when and minimize the guess work in using your CRM system in no time.

Consistent Execution
For making your team use the CRM system on a regular basis, you need to push them to utilize the software you have purchased for them. You have to be consistent in your expectations for your team, and that the CRM should not be left unused. Consistent use of the CRM system, say 10-15 minutes a day, will help your team to avoid entering a large amount of data altogether and killing a day in it. You clearly want your team to generate sales, but you also want them to use the CRM system.

Invest Time Wisely
You have invested time and money in implementing CRM for your sales team. The more time saved, the more sales and hence greater the ROI. CRM systems are progressively designed to integrate with your existing systems. This leads to a short learning curve without putting in time to use those systems separately. Sales reps can get up to speed quickly with new CRM technology if it’s well integrated with the existing environment.

A CRM system can get your sales team started in the right way and help them accomplish tasks in no time.  By building a CRM usage process, enforcing the use of CRM among team, and investing the time wisely will keep the whole team confident and focused on generating numbers and meeting their goals.

CRM systems are identified as the most low-risk and high-reward technology trend, based on cost predictability and ROI. Is your CRM up to speed?

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