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Human Resources Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 30, 2015 12:06 pm

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The HR department is the backbone of most businesses. They are responsible for attracting, training, and keeping the best available talent – playing a key role in the success and growth of an organization.  Have you ever considered streamlining your HR functionalities through an ERP system, rather than having an entirely separate portal? Microsoft Dynamics AX has numerous features in its human resources management module that makes it an efficient choice for businesses by eliminating the need for additional HR software.


Recruiting Capabilities

One of the most intricate aspects of Dynamics AX is its recruiting capability. You can create, monitor, and manage recruitment projects by using its intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Within this module, you can track job ads and media contacts that are used and connect them directly to the project. When an applicant applies to the position, you can view their applicant screen which features their information and allows you to add additional details if necessary.


Integration with Microsoft Outlook

In this screen, you can see how to filter through applicant data to create a short list or add interview notes throughout the entire hiring process. The module also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing for the creation and tracking of emails and calendar events.

Per the next screen, you will notice that once a position is filled, you can easily convert applicant information into employee information. This allows you to assign benefits, payroll exemptions, tax information, as well as logging skills and employee development.


As you can see below, you can then search through the employee database based on current skills, similar skills, promotion ready, or training ready criteria.


Efficient Job Posting

You can also easily save job descriptions so when a position needs to be filled, a job posting can quickly be generated. Dynamics AX also allows HR to process a job requisition from the job opening into a new position similar to a project. If you place job advertisements, then you can also track them through the module, including connecting and integrating with job boards.


You can also manage certifications to ensure that none are expired or will be expiring soon.  In this section, you can monitor employee development as well as any other competencies.


Better Tracking and Information

This seamless integration of HR management and ERP software makes tracking employee information incredibly efficient and organized. There are countless details that can be monitored depending on organizational needs, such as attendance, medical leave, benefits, timekeeping, and other personal information.

Even more specific details, such as equal employment opportunity and occupational safety and health information can be tracked through the HR module. Veteran status, injury and illness incidents, and I-9 information can also be organized and tracked through this module.


Final Thoughts

If you work in HR then the biggest asset that you have is your people – you should invest in a solution that supports them. Current technology is simplifying business processes unlike ever before, it is important to remember that there is a personal element to HR that makes it so critical to organizations. The ever-changing relationship between businesses and employees requires human resources professionals to be more innovative and connective than ever before.

For more information about how Microsoft Dynamics AX can complement your human resource department, request a demo by clicking below.


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