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How to Improve Customer Service with Dynamics CRM 2016

Posted by Indusa Admin on January 10, 2017 10:21 am

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In this dynamic global environment, customers expect service that is fast, accurate, and suited to their needs. A recent Customer 2020 report noted that by the end of this decade, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator — placing customer service at the epicenter of a company’s ability to deliver a consistent and intelligent engagement experience.

Keeping this in mind, ensuring customers have positive perceptions about you and your brand is extremely important in order to promote positive advocacy.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 enables a 360-degree customer view, with end-to-end case management capabilities, advanced analytics and multi-channel service support. With remarkable features like these, your customer service professionals can deal with customers with the best precision and consistency.

Advancements in intelligence, mobility, and service, and significant productivity enhancements offer seamless experiences across Office 365, SharePoint, Skype, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business.

Here are some ways you can leverage Dynamics CRM and enhance customer service:

Offer Seamless Service Across Channels:

Imagine the number of channels your customers have to connect with your brand. Irrespective of the channel, customer experience has to be consistent across each channel. With multichannel service intelligence capabilities, you can give customers the freedom to choose the channel of their choice and provide great service 24×7. Dynamics CRM enables you to cater to customers wherever they are, and offer them whatever they need.

Make It Personal(ized):

“A happy customer might tell a friend, but an unhappy one will tell the world” is an old business adage. Personalized service is key to ensure happy customers. With Dynamics CRM 2016, you can proactively address customer issues (and market changes) by detecting customers’ intent and social sentiment.
By leveraging Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, and Azure machine learning, Dynamics CRM’s interactive dashboards and data visualizations provide the right insights, making it easier to identify trends and anticipate opportunities, allowing you to offer predictive, proactive, and personalized service based on specific customer needs.


Empower Your Agents:

Customers will love a company only if employees love it first. If you empower agents, they will offer exceptional customer service. Dynamic CRM’s Interactive Service Hub with real-time dashboards and Unified Service Desks enable your customer service agents to have all the information they need in one place.
By displaying customer case histories, preferences, and feedback information in a single interface, that is tailored to their job and skill set, you can help them make smart decisions and offer great customer service. Based on the 2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report, 56% of global consumers say they have higher expectations for customer service now than they had just one year ago. This number jumps to 68% for 18 – 34-year-olds.


Empower Your Customers:

Dynamic CRM’s customer support center makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for – from searching the online knowledge base (that offers current and relevant information) to submitting a ticket (through a unified desk) or contacting a sales executive directly (online or via phone) – the self-service portal with an online community space helps empower your customers and offer support as and when they need it.


Streamline Marketing Efforts:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to streamline your marketing efforts and your social media interactions. Identify customers most likely to be interested in a certain product, and tailor your marketing content accordingly.
You can also monitor the customer sentiment outcome and determine if your message has met the goal. With each promotional campaign, you can fine-tune your content and interactions and strengthen customer engagement.


Explore (and Build) a World of Apps:

With PowerApps, you can create custom business apps (using pre-built templates or starting from scratch) and transform your customer service experience – simply connect systems to Dynamics CRM, capture relevant data, build apps on the cloud (without writing code), and publish and use them on web and mobile. Additionally, with access to AppSource, you can find apps for customer service and get tailored solutions for all your customer-related needs.


Turn Customers Into Advocates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 revolutionizes customer service and experience; intelligent customer engagement capabilities enable your employees to do a lot more using machine learning, predictive analytics and the best productivity tools. Get personalized insight into every customer interaction, offer exceptional support and assistance across every touch point, drive value for your customers (and employees), and turn them into advocates for life.

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