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Improving Mobile Field Sales Efficiency with a Mobile Sales App

Posted by Indusa Admin on January 3, 2017 1:18 pm

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Empowering your field sales representatives and helping them overcome typical field sales challenges is often a daunting task. All of your field representatives need to communicate in order to carry out critical sales tasks. Additionally, according to an HBR report on ‘Is your sales organization good or great?’, a critical characteristic that defines a great sales force is a strong centralized command and control with local authority. Access to up-to-date, real-time information is essential to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity levels of the field workforce.
Field sales representatives often face challenges like:

  • A drop in sales due to restricted access to critical information
  • Manual paper-based sales order entry resulting in inefficient management of time
  • Inability to verify inventory before placing an order
  • No access to comprehensive customer information and track record
  • Inability to perform a demo at the client site

Here are the top seven benefits that help improve field sales using a mobile sales app.

1. Place orders in real time and reduce order fulfilment cycle time

Field sales reps often face a host of challenges while carrying out promotional activities, interacting with customers in the field, closing deals, and addressing customer issues. Inability to place the orders in real time is the most daunting challenge that field representatives face.

Providing your field sales team with a mobile sales app, through which the representatives can place orders on the go, will shorten overall delivery time of the product/service while improving customer responsiveness. A mobile sales app provides real-time updates about the current location of your sales representative, placement of orders, stock updates, new additions to the sales portfolio, and also keeps the whole team informed about all of the details. So next time a customer asks you about his/her order status, you know where to look for it.

2. Optimize your customer visit tasks and cost

Field sales mobile apps provide crucial insights on inventory, customer’s order history, among others. A mobile sales app not only saves time by eliminating the need for paperwork but also helps streamline important sales tasks such as appointment scheduling, and mapping. With a mobile sales app’s GPS functionality, sales reps can locate nearby customers and schedule appointments with them instantly. They do not have to come back to office and deal with manual data entry, repeat phone calls, and visits that lead to high overhead costs.

3. Achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings

When a customer contacts you in the field, information has to be at your fingertips; from knowing who the customer is, what interaction you have had with them previously, to what purchase was made – having this information will determine how successful your responsiveness will be. A mobile sales app helps track customers, interactions with them and the products and services they have purchased, helping mobile field sales representatives quickly identify a customer, ultimately creating a great customer experience.

4. Synchronize your field and back office operations
A mobile sales app not only saves time by eliminating the need for paperwork but also helps streamline important sales tasks such as appointment scheduling, location mapping, in-stock items, shipment details, and so forth.

Very often, a large portion of sales content is never used because representatives cannot access it when it is required the most. Mobile sales apps are the perfect digital replacements for bulky brochures and marketing material, enabling reps to have instant access to product information, sales content, invoices, and assisting them in having a data-driven, uninterrupted decision-making process.

5. Take quicker, timely and intelligent decisions on-the-go

A mobile sales app offers advanced reports that help analyze and identify the best sellers, sales lows, and profit highs. You can filter orders based on mobile field sales reps, events, customers, and locations and get the required insight. Gain advanced sales intelligence into consumer buying behavior, average order values, and accurately forecast consumer demand and performance of field sales executives. A mobile sales app provides the option of dynamic pricing, enabling them to meet their client’s requirements instantaneously. This feature helps in building long-term client relationships.

6. Easy integration your existing enterprise applications: ERP and CRM

ERP and CRM are the two enterprise applications which do wonders for your business when they work in sync. To add to the advantage, running these applications on mobile devices will help businesses improve their client servicing, productivity, decision making and overall client relationships. Integrating these applications with your mobile field sales app will empower your workforce to access most relevant information at the appropriate time. This leads to a competitive advantage in terms of precise and accurate decision making.

7. Communicate effectively between all the stakeholders

Mobility facilitates seamless communication between team members, vendors, and customers, eliminating any delays or discrepancies due to communication gaps. Real-time communication significantly improves your business delivery capabilities. It ensures optimal staff utilization, inventory management, customer service, resource allocation, and every other aspect of business deliverables.

Improve Sales Figures
With mobile sales apps in the workforce, you can view real-time information related to customers, sales targets, marketing data as well as track and process orders. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and spreadsheets and create and send invoices with a simple click. Streamline sales tasks, control field costs and overheads, and reduce turnaround time. Interact with customers, collaborate with other sales representatives, and present up to date information – all from a single device. So turn your mobile device into an efficient work tool, integrate it with your CRM, and see your sales figures skyrocket! And as the sales leader, Colleen Francis puts it, be “Better by choice, not by accident”.

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