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Increase Employee Engagement with SharePoint Intranet

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 11, 2014 12:46 pm

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Technology is extending beyond the workplace boundaries. Organizations are moving towards real-time collaboration, work on the move, in order to empower their employees. They have started focusing on employee engagement which is firmly correlated with organizational productivity and performance. This is where Intranet comes into play and promotes employee engagement by offering tools that foster peer-to-peer collaboration. It establishes unified communication among employees leading to faster information distribution and knowledge transfer. It help organizations:

  • Get the most out of their employees
  • Encourage collaboration and social interaction
  • Connect disconnected workers
  • Measure employee engagement
  • Decrease centralized governance

Employee Engagement
Think about the lack of collaboration within the healthcare industry. Most providers have a mindset that if they aren’t right in front of a patient, they aren’t productive.

Imagine what nurses in one neurology unit could learn from those on the same unit in a sister hospital? Even the larger networks of facilities don’t facilitate this learning effectively.

Nurses increasingly use hand-held devices to communicate with each other, docs, and technicians. If you could provide them with mobile access to a community of nurses working in a similar discipline, what might they innovate? Would they like their jobs better?

Here are some more examples of how this employee engagement tool can help.

Employee Travel
Many probably already use online tools like Trip Advisor to make personal travel plans. What if they could share with fellow employees the tips and tricks that make business travel better? Let them post reviews of the contracted hotels in a city. Let them recommend places to eat. Get some champions to share key parts of the travel policy in the same community. You can also trend travel expenses. It may be possible to reduce travel expenses through this type of sharing.

Intranet News
For many years now intranet news has been a one-way push from the corporate communicators to employees. Making news a collaborative opportunity for any author opens the door to more interesting and meaningful content. Incorporating rating and sharing pushes it beyond the everyday network of users. The more value that employees gain, the more engaged they’ll be.

Ask employees to submit suggestions and ideas. True engagement occurs when you enable them to vote on ideas and track the winning ideas through feasibility study and implementation. This encourages more and more idea submissions and voting. The ROI can spiral into millions of dollars of savings, new business and productivity.
Hence, intranet delivers organizational value by increasing collaboration among employees and making information search more relevant and efficient. With organizations moving towards digital workplace, it is becoming lifeline of employees and a key driver of productivity.

Role of Microsoft SharePoint
With Microsoft SharePoint you can introduce new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information. You can also share documents, update your activity feed and keep in touch with your colleagues from your mobile phone or tablet.

Which employee engagement tools are you using in your organization? Are you planning to implement Microsoft SharePoint intranet?


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