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Enterprise collaboration tools enable organizations to increase employee productivity and overall business efficiency. They provide employees unified platforms that facilitate seamless sharing of documents, encourage teamwork and create business efficiencies. Integrating workflows into one central repository and streamlining organization-wide processes aids businesses in ensuring data consistency that enable employees to work faster and more proficiently.

With businesses going global, a large percentage of employees work from multiple locations, which makes collaboration a challenge. Corporate intranets often have communication and integration problems that restrict smooth communication between various departments. Ineffective searches, poor access to tools, and inconsistencies in business data can hamper employee output. By utilizing collaboration tools, organizations can provide up-to-date content to employees quicker.

Yammer Sharepoint

As employees with different skillsets are encouraged to engage in cross-functional teams, they bring new ideas and opportunities that need to be made accessible to peers across the organization. While a SharePoint implementation allows organizations to achieve collaboration to a large extent by providing a single platform for storing and managing documents across departments, it lacks the platform for employees to chat and engage with one another. Yammer provides enterprises with collaborative work platforms, bringing together people and ideas while facilitating improved communication. It enables enterprise collaboration to be more people-centric than document-centric.

According to Gartner’s 2014 magic quadrant, Microsoft was recognized as a leader in the social software space, signifying the benefits of Yammer in enterprise collaboration. By integrating Yammer with SharePoint, you and your team can achieve the below successes.

  1. Enriched Team Collaboration: Efficient collaboration eliminates productivity barriers, helping teams to adapt quickly to change and drive effective results together. Yammer allows you to self-organize while collaborating seamlessly on knowledge and resources. By embedding Yammer feeds into SharePoint sites, you can enable company-wide and team specific conversations, fueling enriched team collaboration.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: Integrating Yammer with SharePoint gives access to knowledge and resources required for solving business problems, increasing communication and collaboration between the employees. Helping find relevant information faster empowers you and your teams to be able to make smarter, data-driven decisions quicker. Responding faster to change and identifying new opportunities helps achieve increased visibility across geographies and departments.
  3. Better User Experience: Employee engagement and empowerment is the foundation for deploying enterprise social networks with state-of-the-art user interfaces, resulting in increased satisfaction with the job, peers, and the company. Yammer gives you the freedom to access enterprise content through Yammer using desktops, laptops, mobile and cloud apps. Yammer conversations can be held via email all while using texting-like features on mobile phones to further augment engagement and user experience.
  4. Quicker Enhancements: As a cloud-based software, Yammer enables you to implement enhancements quickly. You will be able to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment and business landscape by adding new functionality on a periodic basis.
  5. Balanced Workloads: While SharePoint provides a platform for effective document and web content management, Yammer enables a platform of fast-moving enterprise social workloads. By effectively managing knowledge and resources, SharePoint works as a vital tool in the back while Yammer provides an intuitive, front-end user interaction layer, enabling balanced document management and social capability workloads.
  6. Improved Business Communication:  Yammer provides a bird’s-eye view of the various processes in the organization, such as project status updates, information about teams, and the decisions being taken. Activity feeds facilitate internal communication and create a shared conversation space, driving project related discussions. Coupling common social networking habits with that of business applications helps drive effective enterprise-wide business communication through Yammer.
  7. Increased Transparency: Yammer brings the entire business information into one virtual space, facilitating access to essential applications, communications, and tools. It breaks down information and project silos to help drive business efficiency through enterprise wide communication. Additionally, embedding blogs and wikis onto Yammer sites facilitates the use of the latest analytics and BI for increased transparency.


Collaboration is key to driving innovation, enabling organizations to effectively manage and share documents, garner employee engagement, and provide enterprise social capabilities. By integrating Yammer with SharePoint, you can offer your teams a unified work platform space with rich collaboration functionality and improve access to enterprise content, thereby accelerating SharePoint use and adoption.

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Emama Mistry
About the Author – Emama Mistry

Emama Mistry is the Senior Project Manager(Microsoft SharePoint) at INDUSA. She has key involvement in all aspects of SharePoint projects undertaken at Indusa, from Pre-Sales, to Architecture, to Deployment, to Development, to Operations.


Contributing Writer: Neha Kumar