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Key Aspects to Consider Before Investing in a Field Service Solution

Posted by Indusa Admin on November 19, 2014 12:44 pm

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While it’s true that field technicians and management teams are no longer stuck with using the old pen, paper and telephone to record and communicate information, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new management issues that come along with newer and more advanced technology-based field service solutions.

The thought of switching to a field service app can be daunting for many service organizations. But it’s a necessary task to effectively compete in the service industry. There are many key aspects to consider when investing in a mobile solution and we’ve provided you with a few to make this task more approachable.

Key Aspects

  • Meeting the customer’s expectations: With growing amounts of information at our fingertips and the ability to rapidly access data, customers are now expecting faster response times and the capability to troubleshoot problems in a timely manner. Today, managers are able to more easily locate all of their technicians and communicate in real time. Also, technicians have the ability to access information on-site, diagnose equipment issues, or search for parts numbers. The more tools technicians have the better equipped they are to complete jobs and meet customer’s growing expectations.
  • Affordable solutions: Often, most management teams initially assume that configuring and deploying mobile solutions call for large initial capital expenses. Customized field service solutions, such as a field service app, generally have fast deployment speeds, low up-front costs and the flexibility to scale up or down, whenever the company requires a change. Most solution providers allow for payments options, to minimize large up-front costs for a more affordable alternative for your budget.
  • Growth of your business: Always move forward! Instead of looking back on the good old days, focus on how to grow your business. Increasing the growth and the level of service is what most companies strive to achieve. It’s crucial to remember that strategic steps can always be taken to move your business forward to grow your customer base.
  • Anticipating the future needs: “All good businesses are personal,” communications and sports mogul Mark Cuban once said. The way to be personal is by not only knowing your client but also by anticipating the needs their needs and trying to stay 10 steps ahead of where growth trends lie.
  • Identify your feature requirements: With hundreds of unique field service management solutions available, there are thousands of features and options out there. Some features are necessary for what you need, like meat and vegetables at the dinner table. Other features are like fruitcake: you’ll pay for it but only use it once a year, if that. Don’t get caught up with the fruitcake of features – focus on finding the features which are important and the ones you need the most.

It has been expressed by many well respected industry commentators that a modern field service management solution is an essential tool for field service companies in order to operate effectively and efficiently. It is clear that companies no longer view the costs of such a system as an expense but an investment that can yield both increased revenue and reduced operational costs that will ultimately pay for itself.

In your opinion, what are the necessary components for any Field Service Solution?

When it comes to mobile platforms (iOS, Cloud, Android or Windows) which would you configure in your solution and why?

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