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Getting Inspired: Our Key Insights from Microsoft Inspire 2017

Posted by Indusa Admin on August 8, 2017 1:10 pm

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Inspiration – it’s what drives us. It’s the backbone of what dreams are made of. Inspiration is great, but after the inspiration or idea, you’ve now got to transform that idea into reality and that often comes with tackling the challenging questions of who, what, when, where, and why – and believe it or not, that’s where most people get stuck.

At the Microsoft Inspire conference, Microsoft sought to do just that: help partners deliver on the details to further be able to provide the best value and Microsoft experience to their clients and future clients.  Below are the key takeaways from a few of the sessions we attended at Microsoft Inspire 2017, Washington D.C., July 9-13, 2017:

The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation

At the heart of innovation is digital transformation.  With the business application world changing, and customer expectations on the rise, especially in engagement and level of service, digital transformation is at the hallmark of meeting market demands. The four pillars of digital transformation for Microsoft is engaging your customers, empowering your employees, optimizing your operations, and transforming your products.

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Taking advantage of $72 billion in potential revenue, Dynamics 365, along with LinkedIn, O365, and Partner IP will be at the heart of tackling digital transformation opportunities. Partners have been encouraged to adopt innovation in their organizations by evolving their operating models, amplifying their GTMs, and building on an extensible platform while leveraging the various Microsoft programs.

Partners can look for repeatability (what are we constantly building for all of our clients) and develop IPs within the industries they serve by combining innovation, service delivery, and extensibility.

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In one of the sessions, Chris Capossela, CMO of Microsoft, showed attendees what Microsoft has done from a marketing department perspective to encourage their own internal digital transformation.

They have empowered their employees by providing marketing automation and demand center (which combines data points to deliver prospects for targeted Microsoft promotions and channel engagements).

They are engaging customers by providing customer centric marketing where the customer tells the story or storytelling in their marketing including in their consumer line of products – follow the link for a look at one of their commercials that has that real engagement feel to it.

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Becoming a Microsoft Partner of the Future

The role of the partner is evolving for the future.  As digital transformation takes place for the population at large, Microsoft partners are going to become more knowledgeable about the industries that they service, they will almost become technical subject matter experts.

The vision is that clients will seek a partner and look to them to tell them what is going on in their industry and provide insight on what the client should do to grow or maintain their competitive positions. Also, the internal role of partners being labelled as service integrators, IP partners, resellers, or managed service providers is blurring as partners are pairing up with each other or breaking those silos internally to provide the best possible service to the end user or client.

Partners are being empowered even more to tell Microsoft, this is what we need to provide the best possible service and value to the client, and Microsoft is challenging themselves to assist the partners to the fullest extent to meet those challenges.

Our Plans for Digital Transformation

The Microsoft Inspire 2017 event was a great motivation for us to continue building on our plans and work towards our goals. We are putting in great efforts in our digital transformation initiative, with increased focus on Dynamics 365. By constantly building repeatability for all of our clients, we are aiming to improve our service delivery across industries.

Learn more about how Indusa helps organizations better leverage Microsoft technology to transform the way they function.

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