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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gets an Analytics-Infused Update

Posted by Indusa Admin on April 23, 2015 6:02 am

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The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 provides a wide variety of tools that help the user to provide a holistic and uniform environment to their customers. It has many captivating features like CRM online administration experience, enhanced mobile sales, search functionality, security, SLA, Outlook and Sync enhancements and hierarchy visualization. It also provides upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, and Microsoft Social Listening Services. It promises to deliver the full circle of customer experience and provides end-to-end solutions that are individualized, fanatical and foretelling.

Following the launch of Dynamics CRM 2015 last November, Microsoft announced a Spring update to the software that promises new social, mobile and analytics capabilities along with closer integration with Office 365.

On the social front, for instance, the Spring ‘15 release of Microsoft’s customer relationship management suite offers a new social center where marketing, sales and service teams can monitor social topics and engage directly with communities. Companies can create end-to-end customer engagements from social posts, while social analytics tools now offer text mining, cloud visualization and a social activity map. Tying it all together, Microsoft said, is a redesigned user interface.

Dynamics CRM

Recognizing the need for cross-device consistency, meanwhile, the new Dynamics CRM release also a promises a “configure once, deploy everywhere” model designed to give users a smooth experience when interacting with the same sales processes across mobile devices. With a new mobile software development kit, companies can also extend and create their own mobile apps for the platform.

Deeper integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite is another part of the new Dynamics CRM offering. Thanks to a new, immersive Excel experience, for example, sales managers can now perform what-if scenarios in Excel and update their forecasts right within Dynamics CRM. With OneNote in CRM, meanwhile, it’s now easier for sales teams to collaborate and share information, Microsoft said.

Finally, the Spring ‘15 release not only marks the start of Parature’s integration with Dynamics CRM for knowledge management, but new Power BI connectors, dashboards and reports are on the way for data sources including Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Zuora, Acumatica and Twilio, Microsoft said.

The new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is slated to be available by the end of the second quarter of calendar 2015.

Customer experience is the central focus for any business. Now customers are empowered by the Internet to identify their needs and actively seek the best solution before ever engaging with vendors, which results in a minimized sales cycle and increasingly diminished influence on customer buying behavior. In this case, the customer experience at the remaining sales touch points becomes an even more critical determinant of success of a business. Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2015 is the answer to enhance the competence of the business to furnish a better customer experience.

The traditional ways of sales now seem to be practices of the stone age.  Are you still living in the stone age?

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