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O365: File Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy

Posted by Indusa Admin on October 11, 2016 12:06 pm

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File sharing and management is a critical task for every organization. And with Office 365, you now have new ways to share and collaborate on all your files across OneDrive and SharePoint Online; while OneDrive gives you the freedom to create and store files on the cloud, SharePoint Online allows you to make them available for a larger audience, and collaborate content effectively. Together they make storing and accessing all your information simple and powerful. Okta customer research’s finding is that Microsoft’s Office 365 is the favorite and most used cloud service so far this year. You can seamlessly access files across all of your devices, edit documents on the go, and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Let’s look at some of the other useful file sharing tasks you can carry out with O365:

o365 file sharing

Improved File Management

  • With the liberty to store your files online, you have instant access to the latest version of files. What’s more, OneDrive enables you to store, organize, and share files with members within your organization and also collaborate with partners and customers.
  • With a whopping 1 TB storage space, you can store an enormous number of files and also access them from the device of your choice, from your PC, Mac device to your iOS, Android, or Windows phone, with a single sync experience.
  • Save time searching for documents you need. With O365, you can have a common team library. Keep all your project emails and shared documents together in a project-specific mailbox and facilitate quick and controlled access with teammates.

Easy Sharing

  • O365 file sharing enables you to work as a team. With O365, all your team members can be up-to-date with documents and their versions, and can retrieve them as frequently as they want them any time.
  • By collaboratively sharing documents, and enabling multiple members to create, edit and review documents simultaneously, you not only improve the decision making process but also save time on the process.

Efficient Access Control

  • You have file sharing controls in your hand. You can share files with your teammates, your customers, or your business partners – you get to decide.
  • With unique team sites for different projects, you rule the roost. You can make policies, control right to access, and safeguard critical team assets.

Rich User Experiences

  • User experience is core to the success of any application. O365 offers new and improved user experiences that provide consistency in working on files while simultaneously retaining the full power of SharePoint document libraries.
  • With the Pin to Top feature, you can increase visibility and discoverability for files that are important and push them to the top of the document library.
  • You can add links to the Office 365 document library and direct users to locations outside the library. 
  • You can put an end to repeated and futile document management measures. With the sort and filter columns, you can also easily find and manage all your documents in no time. 

Impressive Search

  • With O365 implementation, you can get real-time, full-text search results in a flash in the document library in addition to quick, inline metadata management.
  • What’s more, with Discover view, you get suggestions on relevant and trending files based on the work you are doing and the people you engage with. As you share your files and collaborate, related content is recommended and suggested, without you having to switch between apps. 

Real-time Updates

  • Say goodbye to emails. With the comments feature, you can add, respond and track comments and get status updates on the latest versions of documents.
  • Get noticed and valued for the contributions you make with the social networking feature. O365 offers insight into the reach and impact of your work; you will be able to see how many people have discovered and viewed files uploaded by you. You also get updates on documents and sites delivered to your profile, so you never miss out on a notification. According to an IDC report, the Office 365 subscription model relieves IT of the tasks associated with software distribution, updates, and license management.

Drive Collaboration
O365 opens up great new ways of managing and working around files. From uniform experiences across devices to simple browser access to powerful mobile experiences to impressive search capabilities and real-time updates – there’s a lot you can now achieve with O365.

Many organizations are now implementing their first Office 365 services and coming up with a lot of questions. Download this ebook to learn various benefits of O365, tips on choosing the right O365 plan, insights for an informed cloud decision, and what to look for in an O365 implementation partner.

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