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Project Pro in Office 365: Managing Projects Is Easier Than Ever

Posted by Indusa Admin on August 14, 2017 12:54 pm

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Nothing, absolutely nothing, remains unchanged. Change, as they say, is the only constant! As technology completely alters the way we work, communicate, and deliver projects, we need to constantly be up-to-date with what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how! In the digital world, having a project management solution online has more benefits than you can imagine.

Project Pro is Your One-Stop Solution

Quality and time are the most critical aspects of any project; adding a new project or new inputs on an old one, reorganizing a team or teams, working from remote locations, and optimum utilization of resources are just a few examples of Project Pro. Implementing Project Pro allows you to manage all these and more on the cloud:

  • Keep projects, resources, teams organized, and on track.
  • Track status, and collaborate with team members across the globe
  • Manage up to 30,000 projects in the cloud
  • Natively integrate with SharePoint, Exchange, and other LOB systems
  • Enjoy greater adoption rates, and shortened ramp up times
  • Have all tools to carry day-to-day tasks in one place
  • Easily collaborate with team members through Skype

Ease Up Your Investments

With Project Pro in Office 365, you can get up and running with little or no upfront costs, and contain your overhead costs by leveraging the cloud. Georgian supply chain company Chep leveraged Project Pro to improve productivity and reduce IT infrastructure costs. By adding functionality as and when the business grows, the software aims to connect new business groups and users as project teams increase.


Project Pro is available on all your devices; so view, edit, submit, and collaborate on projects from anywhere, anytime, and from the device of your choice. Nordic building materials distributor DT Group improved adoption with the familiar interface, reduced training time, and navigated more easily with the intuitive visual tiles – in a bid to increase overall efficiencies.

The flexible reporting features (which include dashboards, charts, and KPIs with insights) can aid in implementing solutions quickly, helping you improve your decision making capability, and deliver results faster. Using Project Pro, Spanish financial institution Abanca can carry out project management tasks with ease, while being flexible and adaptable to market trends.

Managing large projects is not easy, especially with resources and projects spread all over the world. Project Pro’s robust portfolio management features aid in strategically evaluating and optimizing your project portfolio, helping you maximize value. European aerospace major Airbus, for instance, optimizes the management of its complex international projects and enhances insight into progress and costs using Project Pro.


Timing is Key

Time is of the essence, with even micro-seconds contributing to the success or failure of any/every decision. Realizing this reality is global design and engineering firm Arup; by saving 40 hours a month creating reports, the management is making important business decisions using up-to-date data – increasing the strategic value of their overall project portfolio.

“Small is beautiful” seems obsolete today, as scheduling large scale projects using the familiar automated scheduling tools help curb inefficiencies. Finnish software company Comptel leveraged Project Pro’s  intuitive dashboards and reports to visualize complex schedules, and get insights across projects and portfolios.

Never will you be caught in a time warp, wondering and worried about changing schedules and ominous, Damocles – sword deadlines.  With the resource management feature, you can formally request specific resources – identify and fix potential resourcing issues that could impact the schedule, and always reach every milestone in time. That’s what Brookdale Senior Living Solutions did; using Project Pro, the company streamlined its PMO by building optimal project teams, requesting resources when required, and creating more efficient schedules.


Final Thoughts

Project Pro in Office 365 is the perfect software to strategically evaluate and optimize your project portfolio to maximize value and deliver on business goals. With robust tools for managing your project portfolio, integration with collaboration tools like Skype and Yammer, dashboards and reports for scheduling projects, and a single view for managing resources, you can be sure to never miss a project deadline! So optimize your project plans, improve project outcomes, and deliver better results with Project Pro in Office 365.

Learn how Indusa can help you get the most out of Project Pro in Office 365. Start managing your projects more efficiently than ever before!

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