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Raising the Productivity Bar with Mobile CRM for Field Sales

Posted by Indusa Admin on February 21, 2017 11:57 am

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With enterprises flourishing, geographical boundaries enlarging, and technology advances making the impossible possible, field workers no longer constitute a small percentage of the total workforce, but a massive one. As the dynamics of every industry is undergoing transformation, and with customer needs and demands sky rocketing, prompt response to questions and a quick resolution of issues has become a sales mandate. And for this, quick access to critical information in the field is a necessity. With a mobile CRM app for field sales employees, you can achieve all this and more. Reports suggest as much as 65% of sales reps who have adopted a mobile CRM app have been more successful in meeting their sales targets.


Easing the Sales Burden with Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM helps field reps achieve their sales target effortlessly – right from scheduling sales calls, and accessing lead information, to placing sales orders, and generating invoices – each process involved in the sales lifecycle can be performed in a simplified and quick way on the go. Let’s look at some of the other amazing things your field sales workforce can achieve using a mobile CRM:

1. Convert Leads to Orders: Gone are the days when you could influence sales leads into buying your product or services with simple marketing tactics. Today’s modern sales leads have a number of questions that need to be satisfactorily answered, and they expect to read about lots of information on product/services insights, current trends, and overall market insights before they make the purchasing decision. Equipping your field sales reps with a mobile CRM that offers 360-degree access to critical sales data in the field can aid in the sales process. With anytime, anywhere connectivity to all customer touch points, sales reps are bound to be more receptive and favorable to prospects.

2. Effectively Schedule Appointments: With your field reps making countless field visits, appointment scheduling is often a daunting task. Your in-house team can easily schedule and assign appointments to sales reps in the field with a simple touch of the button. By establishing a constant connection with your reps in the field, you can save a lot of time and effort in unreasonable communication.

3. Shorten the Sales Cycle: Sales reps need to perform a multitude of tasks in the field: from creating campaign materials, and scheduling prospect calls, to adding new data based on lead response and closing deals. Arming your sales reps with an agile mobile CRM increases their productivity and efficiency by automating the task of updating details in their CRM, ultimately generating leads in real-time. Your reps can maintain constant rapport with their warm leads and understand their buying trends. In addition, real-time notifications based on analytics helps transform the sales cycle into a more proactive and streamlined process, helping your reps all along the way.

4. Capture New Opportunities: Mobile CRM for field sales eliminates redundancy in the sales lifecycle, making the entire process more interactive. This is crucial, since performing repetitive tasks often has an unfavorable effect on the productivity of sales reps. A mobile CRM captures and gives access to all the crucial information that your sales reps need in the field, ensuring your reps do not miss out on a single opportunity to convert a prospect into a client.

5. Connect with Your Leads Even When Offline: There could be places like subway metro stations, underground parking lots, and even plant locations in remote areas where the loss of Internet connectivity could disrupt the entire sales chain. With mobile CRM for field sales, you no longer have to worry about not being connected; your field reps can be just as productive, even in the event of low or no connectivity. What’s more, geo-location features assist in scheduling meetings, viewing real-time reports through dashboards, placing orders and generating invoices, taking your productivity to entirely new levels.


Boosting Sales (and Morale)

Equipping your sales reps with the ability to work on-the-go is nothing short of empowering them with the opportunity to improve their efficiency. Mobile CRM for field sales is the perfect tool for enhancing the sales efficiency – you can efficiently convert leads into orders, effectively schedule appointments, shorten the sales cycle, capture new opportunities, and connect with leads even when offline. What’s more, built-in data analytics that offers deep insight, dashboards that shorten turn-around times, and innovation that breaks the monotony involved in sales jobs together contribute in streamlining your sales pipeline, boosting your sales figures and the morale of your field workers.

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