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Why Businesses Should Use Dynamics 365 Mobile

Posted by Indusa Admin on May 23, 2017 12:45 pm

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Microsoft has completely changed the game in the ERP and CRM market with the launch of Dynamics 365– a unified business solution with powerful analytic capabilities. Built with a cloud-first, mobile-first approach, Dynamics 365 is enabling companies to streamline almost all of their business processes through function-specific modules and apps.

Now while you might be tempted to make the most from the web version, Dynamics 365 mobile takes things a notch higher. Let’s look at eight reasons why you should be using the mobile app today:

1. Get Started With Your Personalized Action Hub

Dynamics 365 mobile offers several customization possibilities – you will be surprised how tailored your app can become. As soon as you open the app, you will be welcomed by a personalized action hub (your very own workspace) that helps you carry out daily tasks more quickly. Create new activities, records, and notes, get suggestions on priorities (intelligent cards), build communication cards (to quickly call or email a customer), and get a full list-of-favorite (pinned) and recent items on your home screen.

Dynamics 365 Mobile 1

2. Work Through a Captivating Interface

With Dynamics 365 mobile, you can access (and switch between) all your business modules (from sales, and field service, to marketing and customer service) in one place. The user-centric design ensures a seamless and consistent user experience across devices and form factors. What’s more, you can access SharePoint or Office 365 data from within your Dynamics 365 mobile app, and complete your work quickly.

Dynamics 365 Mobile 2

3. The Awesomeness of Notes

Interacting with a customer and want to jot down something important? Dynamics 365 mobile allows you to create a note from anywhere, and attach it to whatever you’re doing – there’s no way you’re missing an important action item ever again. What’s more, you can attach photos (from your gallery or click one at that instant) and add it to your note immediately.

4. Always Have Instant Access to Important Information

Dynamics 365 mobile lets you be productive, wherever you are; you have around-the-clock access to important information (in the form of dashboards) you need while you’re on the road: from specifics of your last interaction with the customer and sales info in the latest brochure, to details of the current invoice, and particulars of an upcoming service request. Dashboards can be accessed at any time by clicking the home button.

5. Get Full Offline Support

Facing intermittent connectivity issues at a far-flung location? No problem, as Dynamics 365 mobile allows you to view, edit, and work on data even when you’re offline. Create drafts of documents, and save them as soon as you get online. Automatically synchronize all your offline data operations.

Dynamics 365 Mobile 3

6. Set Up in an Instant

Setting up Dynamics 365 mobile just takes a minute. If your device is supported, and if you have the correct privileges in place, you can instantly download the Dynamics 365 mobile from the app store – you don‘t need to install any middleware or server components. So log in to your app store and get mobile.

7. Transform Your Device into a Barcode Scanner

With Dynamics 365 mobile, you no longer need to carry a barcode scanner (or type codes manually). Using your device’s camera, you can instantly scan a barcode – just tap the icon in the right side to launch the scanner, and capture any information you want to.

Dynamics 365 Mobile 4

8. Let Cortana do Tasks For You

If you use Windows version 8.1 or later, you can also provide voice commands to Cortana. The next time you’re on the road, you can open, create, or search for items, see views, make calls, schedule appointments, create tasks or task lists, and let Cortana do basic tasks for you.

Manage Everything Remotely

With a large percentage of today’s workforce working remotely, being away from an office desk cannot be a reason for low productivity or efficiency. Dynamics 365 mobile lets you maintain your productivity levels even at far flung locations.

Create your own workspace, leverage the stunning interface, have around-the-clock access to important information, get full offline support, use your mobile device as a barcode scanner, and provide Cortana voice commands to carry out basic tasks. Dynamics 365 mobile lets you extend all your Dynamics 365 functions to your handheld devices and lets you seamlessly manage accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities, and edit and view quotes, work orders, and invoices while on the go.

Visit Indusa today to learning more on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can improve all your business needs.

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