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3 Key Benefits of a Mobile ERP

Posted by Indusa Admin on February 10, 2015 5:58 am

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Mobile ERP applications provide companies with numerous benefits such as greater productivity, improved quality of service and business relationships resulting in a competitive advantage.

 Mobile applications are becoming an important extension to ERP software. With the fast adoption of mobile applications for business functions, CIOs have realized that they need to extend the ERP functionality so managers can better communicate with their field service teams.

As a result, enterprises are adopting mobile solutions to empower their crews with real time analytics, reports and company data through smartphones and tablets. This helps them to stay updated, perform faster and accurately on-the-go.

Mobile ERP

Improved Collaboration

CIOs and decision makers are taking advantage of the use of mobility to get the most value of their ERP system and improve their team’s productivity. Mobility enhances collaboration, communication and accelerates the flow of the company’s ERP data in real-time.

 According to a Gartner report ‘Accelerate ERP value through mobility a ERP will increase end-user productivity by at least 15% and enable faster decision making through access to real-time ERP data. Organizations will need to provide secure, anytime, anywhere access to their ERP systems, along with better user experiences and richer interactions.

3 Key Benefits of a Mobile ERP

Mobile ERP is giving a positive impact on the complexity of business operations. Here’s how:

1. Access Information in Real-Time

ERP systems grant access to complete, real-time information from any mobile device no matter where they might be. This type of uninterrupted access allows users to address complications, issues, or questions, preventing the loss of time, product, or waste from stalled opportunities.

Similarly, as more and more equipment and technology become Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled with mobile ERP, you are able to ensure that workers are effectively meeting quotas even when you’re off site.

2. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Oftentimes different sectors of a company develop their own databases of information, which can lead to communication challenges and ultimately production errors, lost product, and decreased sales. ERP solutions allow you to store all information in a centralized database that is accessible to your entire workforce.

Incorporating a mobile ERP allows departments to collaborate on projects, offer input on issues, and discuss potential project plans.

3. Reduce Costs

By allowing all departments access from mobile devices and centralizing data, ERP solutions can reduce both operations and administrative costs. Delays and disruptions are also reduced as operations can be managed from any location and decisions can be made without hesitation.

With enhanced visibility and tracking systems, a mobile ERP helps identify potential areas where production could be improved.

Final Thoughts

ERP offerings are continuously evolving to accommodate more mobile environments and fit the needs of its users. Mobile ERP solutions provide real time access to business operations, inventory levels, sales orders, and customer information, increase profitability through lower transaction costs, improve cash flows, and enhance communication and customer relations.

It is very likely that mobile ERP solutions will certainly replace desktop ERP applications in the near future to meet the need for agility and flexibility in current business environments.

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