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How Customer Support for SharePoint Enhances the Customer Experience

Posted by Indusa Admin on June 29, 2017 12:47 pm

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SharePoint has come a long way – from being popularly used as an Intranet solution for internal communication, it is now a much sought-after tool that allows users to intelligently share, communicate, and collaborate with each other, as well as with customers – across devices, geographies, and time zones. Today more than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people utilize SharePoint for the intranet, team sites, and content management. By empowering teamwork for every project team, department, and division, SharePoint is helping drive growth and helping organizations achieve their customer goals.

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We got in touch with our SharePoint SME, to get insights into the nitty-gritty of SharePoint – to understand how it is reinventing the digital connected workplace, and how it is aiding organizations in delivering positive customer experiences. Below are some key highlights from our conversation:

Question: Can I use SharePoint to build a customer service strategy?


Certainly! Automation is often an absolute necessity when you deal with humongous amounts of customer data – data that must be correlated and disseminated throughout your organization. Being able to retrieve important customer information through handy online forms, or being able to search for words and phrases from tens of thousands of emails quickens the pace at which you can respond to your customers. SharePoint achieves this by establishing and retaining an unbroken association between your organization and your customers. With a constant flow of information, you can reduce waiting time and make quick data-driven decisions. Everyone stays on the same page, relevant data gets to the right people at the right time, and projects move faster – with such effective communication capabilities, you get to build the most appropriate customer service strategy for your organization.

Question: Does the SharePoint application empower users as well?


The equation between users and customers is simple – when you empower your users, your customers are automatically empowered. With SharePoint’s modern user experiences, users can access information on the go and make decisions faster. With a single Microsoft login, users can access information across all of their Microsoft applications including SharePoint, and get the information they need to make quick decisions. File storage and document collaboration capabilities are now more people-centric, touch-based experiences across devices improve mobile access to content, people, and applications, and exceptional security features ensure sensitive information remains safe and the right people have access to the right information, at the right time. With such capabilities, there’s no way your users won’t feel empowered!

Question: Is implementing SharePoint Online the only way organizations can deliver positive customer experiences?


Thankfully not! While you certainly have the option to fully embrace the cloud to enhance your service levels, if you don’t want to make the dreaded decision of choosing between your good old data center and the cloud, you can opt for the hybrid cloud solution. The hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds; if your business experiences seasonal highs and lows, you can get a flexible infrastructure that can scale on demand and simultaneously keep data in control to meet security and compliance standards. Take advantage of external resources whenever it makes sense for your business and enable greater business mobility as your business grows. Let your data reside on-premises, but offer premier customer experiences that are tailored in the cloud –opportunities to have innovations on the Azure cloud shouldn’t ever be missed!

Question:Can I create a unique service desk ticketing system with SharePoint?


Certainly, and very easily too. With SharePoint, you can quickly setup a custom service desk environment and improve your customer service efficiency by collecting all requests under a unique queue. By making your own ticketing system, you can avoid stepping on each other’s toes, and share a single mailbox and have the visibility to see what tasks others have taken responsibility for with a specific customer on a specific topic. All you need to do is enable the incoming email feature, create columns to track the status of each customer service professional (to see who is working on what), and activate versioning for each item. You can then enable notifications for yourself and your team members to keep up with the changes.

Question:What role does SharePoint play in delivering exceptional customer service?


A powerful application like SharePoint tracks the customer journey and service requests from start to finish, helping you drive customer satisfaction, and boost your service levels like never before. It makes working together easier – allowing you to quickly share information with others, manage documents, and publish reports to make better business decisions. By installing the SharePoint application across your organization, you can initiate requests by email, web, or phone that automatically get routed to the concerned department or individual for assignment and fulfillment. You can view support activity across accounts, contacts, products, and departments and quickly identify high priority and overdue tickets. With such an amalgamation of features, you can be sure to:


Win the Game

Customer service is no longer a department, it is a culture, a philosophy that needs to be embraced by every member of your organization. And SharePoint helps in building that culture across all your departments. With simple and seamless collaboration features, and a massive database of collective knowledge, you can transform your business processes, and accelerate productivity. So stop fretting over price and quality issues, as they only get you into the game. What makes you win is customer service! Have your intranet in your pocket, and witness your organization’s glory for years to come.

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