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Simplify eDiscovery with Office 365 eDiscovery Enhancements

Posted by Indusa Admin on September 13, 2016 1:05 pm

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If you’re part of a highly regulated industry, then O365 eDiscovery is going to make your life a lot easier. By helping identify and deliver digital information from tens of thousands of places within the organization, for instance in Exchange Online mailboxes, Office 365 groups, SharePoint Online, and sites, eDiscovery makes the investigation process simpler and faster.

To save time and further simplify the eDiscovery process, Microsoft made certain enhancements to O365 that make performing investigations from one central location possible. With these new eDiscovery enhancements, Microsoft aims to further strengthen the rich set of capabilities in O365 and improve the investigation process, enabling organizations to meet legal and regulatory obligations in an efficient manner.

According to a Forrester study on “The Total Economic Impact of Office 365,” which studied the benefits of the software in a composite organization, using O365 eliminates the need to undertake four projects that would have otherwise been required – encrypted email, data leakage, eDiscovery, and rights management capabilities. In total, 9.5 man-months are saved with a corresponding cost avoidance of $90,250. If you’re wondering how you can benefit from these enhancements, let’s have a detailed look at each of them:

Office 365 eDiscovery

1. Improved Access Rights

With the new case management feature in the eDiscovery page, you can seamlessly work on cases without leaving the Security and Compliance Center. The new enhancement allows you to control access rights and assign permissions to case members. You can decide who can create and manage cases, or perform case management tasks, and which members can just view and open the list of cases. Additionally, when the investigation process is complete, you can close the case and also re-open a case when required.

2. Safeguarding Crucial Information

Safeguarding information is integral to the eDiscovery process. With the new Office 365 eDiscovery Case Management Holds, you can select information from Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive for Business sites, SharePoint sites, and Office 365 groups you want to preserve as part of your investigation. In situations where you want to preserve content relevant to a particular case, you can place a hold on the data locations of your choice, and ensure data is not tampered with or deleted, until you release the hold. You can either create an infinite hold or define a query-based hold depending on your requirement and also link compliance searches with a case.

3. Enhanced Search Capabilities

The enhanced eDiscovery case allows you to search a limited number of content sources, the entire organization, and everything in between. Not only do you have access to Exchange Online mailboxes, Office 365 groups, SharePoint Online, and sites but you can also search and export data from inactive mailboxes, public folders, and OneDrive for Business sites. Access to searches conducted as part of an eDiscovery case can now be limited to people who are part of the case. Using advanced eDiscovery, you can conduct searches to spot near-duplicate files, reconstruct email threads and uncover key themes and data relationships, enabling you to manage the volume of data sent for eDiscovery review.

4. Superior Export Capabilities

Once you have completed a search from mailboxes and identified the data you need, the new enhancement lets you export up to 100 GB of data to a local drive, all in a single PST export. This way you can gather information from multiple mailboxes across multiple searches in a useful format, and make it instantly available for investigations. Additionally, you can maintain metadata when SharePoint documents are downloaded without additional permissions setup.

What’s Next?

The new enhancements to eDiscovery span across improved case management, granular search capabilities, and augmented export capabilities. But that’s not all. Microsoft has announced that in the coming future, additional eDiscovery enhancements such as keyword statistics, source statistics and export de-duplication will be offered that will further up the Office 365 eDiscovery experience. Considering the popularity of O365, enhanced eDiscovery features are only going to enable large corporations, law firms, and even federal agencies to quickly and effortlessly manage information related to legal and compliance matters.
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