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How to Stay Productive Around-the-Clock with Dynamics CRM Offline

Posted by Indusa Admin on May 25, 2017 1:04 pm

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Dynamics CRM 2016 offers full offline mobile capabilities that enable you to stay productive on-the-go, so next time there’s a loss of connectivity, you will still be able to get your work done in a breeze. So, if you spend the bulk of your time traveling (meeting customers or servicing requests), there is a good chance you might struggle with intermittent connectivity. Since a lot of your work has to be done while on the road, seamless connectivity to your CRM app is a pre-requisite to ensure customer satisfaction.

How Does the Dynamics CRM Offline Feature Work?

Dynamics CRM offline synchronization occurs periodically. How long a synchronization cycle lasts depends on Azure network latency, the volume of data that is set for synchronization, and your mobile network speed.

  • When Dynamics CRM offline is enabled, the online data is downloaded to the SQL Azure database (through the Azure cloud).
  • When you connect to the Azure Cloud service from a mobile app (with offline capability), data is downloaded from the SQL Azure database to a local database on the mobile device and is available to you offline.
  • Once you’ve enabled mobile offline synchronization, updates are pushed to the mobile apps as and when the changes are published – so make sure to always download them to stay up-to-date.

Dynamics CRM Offline 2

What Offline Experience Options Do You Have?

  1. Seamless mobile offline synchronization that allows you to view, edit, and create records offline. As soon as you connect to the internet, changes you’ve made get automatically synchronized with Dynamics 365.
  2. The offline draft feature keeps records that you’ve used recently, so you can access them even while you’re disconnected. Capture new information by creating drafts of new records and save them once you go online.

Dynamics CRM Offline 1

So, What can You Do Offline?

Actually a lot…

  • Create, change, and delete records while offline and let CRM online automatically synchronize local changes.
  • Look up your Dynamics 365 contacts, review, and add new notes, and more.
  • Stay productive when your phone doesn’t have service.
  • Access records that you’ve used recently, even when you’re disconnected.
  • Capture new information by creating drafts of new records (accounts, contacts, and activities), and save them when you’re connected again.

But Also Remember:

  • Your offline experience might look a little different (some charts and images might not be available).
  • You can view or create new records and save them as drafts – editing records requires you to be connected.
  • For records that are available offline, you can only create standalone records or associate records.
  • You cannot set the value for lookup fields; if you create a record that is associated with another record, while some lookup fields might populate automatically, you might have to fill some once you re-connect.
  • The records you’ve recently used (cached data) are stored on your mobile device and is specific to one device; so if you use multiple devices, the cached data on each device will be different.
  • The feature doesn’t exist for Trial, Preview, or Sandbox Dynamics 365 organizations.

How can You Configure Offline Capabilities on Your CRM?

Provided you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 and have at least 5 Professional Dynamics 365 (online) licenses OR at least 1 Enterprise Dynamics 365 (online) license, configuring offline capabilities is easy.

Dynamics CRM Offline 4

  1. Start by enabling mobile offline configuration in the web app settings
  2. Next, enable entities for mobile offline (for example – account, email, contact, product etc.)
  3. Create a mobile offline profile and add users to the profile
  4. Publish the mobile offline profile to let users enjoy the mobile offline experience

Stay Productive 24/7

Intermittent connectivity is often an issue for field staff, restricting them from doing their work efficiently and on time. With Dynamics CRM 2016, you can enjoy full offline mobile capabilities – on your phones and tablets. No matter how good or bad the Internet connectivity, you can create, edit, save, and delete records, and get your work done in a jiff.
So, next time you’re out on the field, struggling to connect to the internet, don’t worry because Dynamics CRM enables you to stay productive 24/7.

Mobile CRM Offline

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