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Streamlining HR Management Using Dynamics 365 for Operations

Posted by Indusa Admin on March 28, 2017 12:43 pm

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The success of any organization depends a lot on how happy, content, and motivated its employees are. The skills and efforts of people are among your most valuable assets, making human resource management a vital part of any organization. With a modern and comprehensive ERP solution, Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can manage your HR data and processes including Recruitment, Employee Self-service, Workflow and Checklists, Performance Review, Reports and Analytics, and more.


How to Streamline HR Management with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics HR Management gives you a detailed and easy overview through simple structuring of organizational units and job profiles. You can analyze the efficiency and well being of your organization by monitoring employee attendance, identify skill gaps to determine required employee development, streamline course administration, and optimize relationships with employees through personalized self-services.

Let’s look at some of the other awesome things you can achieve:

1. Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Dynamics HR Management enables you to automate personnel recruitment – you can control the process from the moment an application is received, to interviews with relevant managers. Build an effective and streamlined recruitment process, and make optimal hiring decisions that ensure recruitment of qualified candidates. Set up standard communication procedures for interacting with job applicants and receive automated correspondence via Microsoft Word and Outlook. With Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can learn from the experiences of previous recruitment drives and identify the most effective campaigns.

2. Have all Employee Information in One Place

Dynamic HR Management gives you the core administrative tools to effectively manage employees, teams, and departments across your organization. With the digital employee, you can get a snapshot of all employee related information – from their personal details (including medical records and wages), current skill level and goals, performance reviews, view a global attendance calendar to monitor employee absences, and identify profiles and trends in absenteeism – all in one place. With employee information stored in a structured manner, you can concentrate more on managing and improving human resource performance than on resolving HR related issues.

3. Easily Track Changes

Keep track of all employee related changes in your business – from newly recruited employees, to job rotations, changes in employee benefits, to resignations – Dynamics 365 for Operations offers visual, function-oriented charts that can be customized as per your needs. What’s more, you can change the organizational framework to reflect any changes in your organizational structure – specify scope of employee positions, areas of responsibility, work tasks, and accomplishments and always stay updated with the latest changes.

4. Access the Module Directly from Outlook

Say goodbye to separate log-ins and go directly to HR management from your Outlook Inbox. As HR Management in Dynamics 365 for Operations is integrated directly in your Inbox, you can access personal work items, add candidates directly to the job posting, manage employee activities, travel expenses, salaries, and absences, organize employees, departments, and related processes, and track their development on a continuous basis – directly from the comfort of your Inbox.

5. Customize HR According to Your Needs

HR Management in Dynamics 365 for Operations can be fully customized according to your needs – you can consider pricing, integration, and how well the software handles your HR business processes. Modify forms using the drag and drop function, add fields to your forms, and create your own workflows. Maintain skill catalogues with descriptions of skills relevant to your current requirements and future needs, identify areas of strength and weakness, and assign the right employee to the right task, at the right time.

6. Enjoy Seamless Integration

The HR module is fully integrated in Dynamics 365 for Operations, enabling cross-departmental tasks to be carried out seamlessly. Whether it’s your sales team or your operations team, you can enjoy easy interaction and improved transparency between departments. Publish vacancies on your company website directly from the HR module, and receive applications instantly. Access HR from your web browser, Notebook, Apple iPad, Android tablet, or any smartphone and stay connected with all HR related processes in your department 24×7.

Make the Most of Your Talent

The HR module in Dynamics 365 for Operations delivers all HR related information needed to quickly evaluate performance levels, identify employee strengths and weaknesses, and plan improvement initiatives. By clearly defining employee competencies and comparing them with the competencies your organization needs, you can understand your gaps and devise strategies to fill them.

Streamline your recruitment process, have all employee-related information in one place, enjoy seamless integration with your other applications, easily track changes and customize the module according to your needs – Dynamics HR Management is the perfect way to make the most of your in-house talent. After all, you should always treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers!

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