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The Hybrid Model: Building a Smarter Mix

Posted by Indusa Admin on February 24, 2016 1:16 pm

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Every project has challenges. While businesses want to get the most of their resources by deploying them onsite, there is often the impending need to cut costs. How does one strike a balance between 24×7 service availability at reduced costs? One of the most plausible ways to do this is to deploy an onsite-offshore model and get the best of both worlds. An onsite-offshore or hybrid model enables you to optimize the efficiency and cost of your operations. While off-shore teams provide flexible and scalable services, the onsite-teams cater to more mission critical issues, ensuring high up-time of services. Enable better communication between the two teams, get access to the best technology, resources and infrastructure, quickly detect and mitigate risks, and embark upon the road to long-term success.


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About the Author – Shital Shah

Shital Shah has diverse experience in management and strategic consulting with technology-based businesses. She has managed global teams and led projects in 16 countries. Shital focuses on strategic and operational planning and management for Indusa.



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