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Three Marketing Technology Areas Which Are Transforming Businesses

Posted by Indusa Admin on April 6, 2015 1:15 pm

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What kind of magic is created when you mix predictive analytics, automation, customer insights, social networks, and technology?  The answers became obvious after attending MarTech in San Francisco last week, a conference focused on the emerging intersection of marketing and technology. Over one thousand attendees from around the world gathered for the conference’s second year, marking a growing merging of industries.


Marketing enterprise software is attracting some of the brightest minds in technology, marketing, venture capital, and sales to come together and build more intelligent tools and platforms. Large amounts of capital are following, as well – over $25 billion invested with 26 “unicorns,” or companies valued at more than $1 billion. A recent TechCrunch article highlights this as a $10 billion industry, noting that leading analysts such as Gartner are predicting CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs by 2017. 

Here are three examples of areas at the intersection of marketing and technology which indicate how vibrant and creative this space is becoming – definitely one to watch!

Content Automation: Distilling knowledge and experience into manageable content is an ongoing need and challenge for almost every company. We all know about marketing automation tools; now, even content can be automated. Tools like Persado exist to help create just the right persuasive content messaging using emotional and language analytics – perfect for those less comfortable expressing themselves in words are looking for just the right connotation to get their intentions across. Acrolinx using a linguistic analytics engine to help guide better quality and standardize content, at scale. Many other solutions exist to help organize, manage, plan, and track content for internal and external use.

Intelligent Marketing: Marketing no longer has to be an expensive guessing game. With the right tools, processes, and people, it can become an analytical engine by which to ensure every marketing dollar brings in stronger ROI. Teradata is exploring the edges of just how intelligent we can get, with their idea of “marketing for one” – segmenting target markets to the point of being able to customize marketing at an individual level. Businesses know more and more about their buyers, and are starting to cater entire marketing programs around this intelligence.

Social is King: Leveraging social selling – through existing platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter – and gathering appropriate intelligence on companies and contacts helps both sales and marketing teams make sure they stay relevant and personal. There are many tools out there to bring in intelligence, whether for B2C or B2B companies. For example, Insightpool helps find and connect to the right influencers and prospects, while also helping craft the perfect message that will resonate. 

Is your business using any of these types of tools? How is technology transforming your marketing processes or ROI?

Stay tuned for our next post about the intersection of marketing and technology to discuss what is on the horizon in terms of both opportunities and challenges.

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