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Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Leverage Mobile Collaboration

Posted by Indusa Admin on April 27, 2017 8:58 am

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Mobile collaboration allows for dispersed people to work together on projects through mobile devices and collaborative apps. The rapid adoption of smart devices has raised expectations around accessibility and user experience. At the same time, device capabilities are increasing and changing how individuals and organizations collaborate. Organizations that enable their workforce to collaborate better using mobility are sure to score high on the efficiency and innovation factor.


5 Benefits of a Mobile Collaboration

If you want to stay at the forefront of the mobile race, it is critical to prudently harness the latest enterprise application trends to improve staff productivity and teamwork, and eventually, business outcomes. Let’s look at five benefits of having mobile collaboration as the foundation of your business:

1. Experience:

Enterprise application solutions offer a host of cutting edge features and tools that increase your performance, and it is much more than just accessing desktop tools. Modern features offer cutting edge experiences, enabling users to work in ways that were previously unimaginable – from interactive touch interfaces (for ease of use) and rich media (for quick manipulation of data), to real-time analytic dashboards (for quick insight into data),  and sketching concepts on white boards (for easier visualization) – mobile devices are making collaboration far more engaging and appealing.

2. Collaborate:

Smart devices not only make for a happier organization, but also foster a strong relationship between remote team members. With the workforce now scattered around the world (and employees unable to get together in a conference room for an impromptu discussion), mobile collaboration initiatives are becoming increasingly important – by leveraging the collaborative benefits of various tools and applications, you can improve productivity, support successful remote location operations, and fuel organization-wide collaboration.

3. Communicate:

While enterprise mobility helps employees in the office environment to collaborate better, it also brings a transformation in the way teams in smaller offices and remote locations communicate and interact. Features like video conferencing can aid you in interacting with team members face-to-face even when they are located far away. This way you can cut down on the money spent on expensive business trips for conferences and meetings, and increase productivity by enabling them to do everything from their hand-held device.

4. Motivate:

Mobile collaboration initiatives enable users to access email, instant messaging, and web conferencing with a simple touch of a button. Employees can be aware of critical happenings all the time, encouraging them to be self-motivated, and helping them to maintain a better work-life balance. And with very little IT intervention, you can make good use of time (like waiting at airports) and carry out all your tasks on the go. Mobile collaboration is ideal for the marketer who is looking to run their business anywhere and anytime.

5. Satisfy:

In today’s highly mobile world, employees are more than willing (and enthusiastic) to work in a mobile-centric, shared-work environment. With mobile collaboration, you can allow employees to work and collaborate the way they want, from wherever they want, using the device of their choice. Such liberty leads to increased workplace satisfaction and reduced work related stress. Document sharing becomes so much easier – using a cloud based CMS, you can see what other teammates are working on in real-time. With mobile collaboration, you won’t ever miss an important meeting!

Assured Success with Mobile Collaboration

In a highly mobile world, mobile collaboration has become a requisite for facilitating quick and easy communication, enabling out-of-the-box experiences, motivating your workforce, and ensuring employee contentment. Businesses that fail to embrace the impact of mobile, BYOD, and IT consumerization are sure to be defeated. If you want to harness the productivity benefits of today’s mobile-centric workforce, make sure to provide business related content in the most accessible and collaborative formats. Once you do that, you will see a massive improvement in collaboration initiatives that eventually lead to superior employee communication and performance, enabling better business outcomes.

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