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For every field technician, mobile access to information, communication, and systems have become an essential component to serving customers and managing operations. Today, companies investing in mobile apps for their remote workers are receiving excellent results. Solutions such as a field service app have helped technicians to significantly boost their productivity, improve delivery of their services, build customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

Field service solution

Here, we discuss the top seven reasons for why it’s time for your organization to equip your technicians with a field service app:

1) Have a cognitive impact on your customers with your knowledge and technology expertise
Enable your field technician to show up at the customer-site fully equipped with the service history of their product. Customers always like to work with those companies that make their interactions quick and productive.

2) Accelerate your cash conversion cycle
A well-built field service app will allow your field technicians to record the time, parts and tasks easily against an equipment asset and work order, and synchronize that data into your billing system upon work order closeout, which accelerates your cash conversion cycle.

3) Optimize your field technician’s work ability
A field service app for technicians is automatically connected to centralized service scheduling software, which help the schedulers to make prompt work order scheduling decisions and assignments based upon the actual location of the technician, his/her availability and skill set.

4) Make your decisions based upon the current information
Data-driven decisions are always better than educated guesses as they allow for greater precision; furthermore, real-time/current data is far better than month-old (or worse) data.

5) Plan your inventory purchasing, stocking, and allocation more precisely
Rather than guessing what your inventory levels should be, collect data and accordingly use parts analytics to plan inventory purchasing, stocking, and allocation.

6) Verify the work done
Get evidence of the work performed by your field technician with photos, customer signatures, inspections and other service app-integrated backups for work done at customer site.

7) Keep all the tasks tracked; increase the profitability
By knowing about the specifics of the work which your field technicians need to do and how long it will take for a specific task to get completed, you can realize more profit with each work order, especially with preventive maintenance calls. Tracking of tasks help technicians to resolve issues faster, and allow them to attend to service requests immediately and fix faulty parts on time for their customers.

Field technicians are faced with increasingly complex tasks and customers with high service level expectations. By equipping them with a field service app, you can provide mobile access to job assignments, inventory status, work order history etc. It is clear that by equipping your field workforce with mobile applications, you can start providing the best service possible to your customers, and thus increase your business profitability.

What system or technology does your field technicians implement in order to manage their workload?

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