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What is Enterprise Mobility Management & Why Is It So Important?

Posted by Indusa Admin on September 5, 2017 12:46 pm

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Enterprise mobility management is just what you need to ensure the safety and confidentiality of company data. By controlling how mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets interact with enterprise infrastructure, you can restrict information from being compromised, and business from being attacked by malware or human hackers.

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The Importance of Enterprise Mobility Management

Do you find yourself bogged down by security of your BYOD policy? Do you often worry about managing compliance and governance across devices used by remote employees? Is loss of critical corporate information always on your mind? With mobile penetration surpassing all limits — there will be roughly 268 million mobile apps downloaded in 2017, taking the app market to a $77 billion industry.

Enterprise mobility management suites are an indispensable part of organizations today as they help connect mobile devices to the enterprise infrastructure while ensuring seamless access as well as security. These suites help in:

  • Provisioning and configuring devices and applications for enterprise deployment and use as well as manage updates, and assist with device upgrade and retirement.
  • Auditing, tracking, and reporting of device inventories, settings, and usage to verify compliance with enterprise policies and manage assets.
  • Enterprise data protection to mitigate data loss, theft, employee termination or other incidents by adding controls for data encryption, data access rights, shared devices, application wrapping and containment, and device lockdown.
  • Support and troubleshoot mobile device problems through inventory, analytics, and remote actions.

If you are looking to efficiently manage devices across your organization, you can choose from one or more of the following 5 core elements of enterprise mobility management:

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How Enterprise Mobility Management Helps

If you’re looking to establish and maintain a database of all enrolled devices, or set device attributes and restrictions, or protect integrity of devices, mobile device management can help you provision (and de-provision) devices. Define and maintain device policies, configure and enforce device controls, and get real-time status and historical visibility of devices and their activities. Remotely view and control device usage, and safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

With individuals spending an average of 3 hours 23 minutes per day in apps, it’s not surprising for organizations to drive their efforts in managing these apps. While mobile device management enables you to manage entire devices, mobile application management assists you with software licensing, configuration, and delivery and gives you more control over how your remote workforce accesses corporate assets. By applying management and policy control functionality to individual applications, you can wipe corporate mobile apps and data from an end user’s device remotely. Protect and manage apps at scale and drive business efficiency and productivity.

Skeptical about the security of your business data? With mobile identity management, you can ensure only trusted devices and users have access to enterprise applications. By managing identity and access management functions, such as user and device certificates, app code signing, two-factor authentication and single sign-on, you can leverage mobile identity tools and improve access decisions. Provide security at application level and protect user privacy as well as critical company information from unauthorized use.

Your employees will be productive wherever they work, with secure, anytime access to essential business content. With mobile content management, you can protect confidential business information across your mobile workforce without slowing down business productivity. Manage access rules for content distribution on mobile devices and carry out policy enforcement, content push, and integration. Ensure employees have access to critical business content and can collaborate seamlessly across any network, on any mobile device, without security prompts interrupting their workflow.

If you want to set different access rules for different users based on their teams, the departments they belong to, or the location they operate from, containment is what you need. Using containment, you can encapsulate device, application, content, and identity management in quarantined environments and isolate business from personal usage depending on your requirement. You can also use containment to segment enterprise data, improve cross-platform compatibility, or integrate propriety apps with particular third-party apps to provide enhanced levels of manageability and security.

How You Can Win At Enterprise Mobility Management

As enterprise mobility management adoption continues to grow, driven by increased adoption across organizations, the value that it brings to organizations is substantial – from enabling them to empower employees to better engage with customers, improve business processes, and enable new business opportunities – having a mobility strategy is no longer a necessity, but a pre-requisite. However, mobile expansion cannot occur without operational integrity and reliability, which is achieved through the use of enterprise mobility management. If you’re looking to win at enterprise mobility management, you need to identify the mobile use cases in your organization, and categorize mobile applications based on their criticality, and devise strategies to ensure safety and confidentiality of data.

Still have questions? Talk to an Indusa rep and learn how enterprise mobility management can effectively increase employee production.

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