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What Is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Posted by Indusa Admin on May 4, 2015 5:14 am

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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is designed to assist in operational and administrative processes for organizations in numerous sectors. Dynamics AX possesses a wide array of different capabilities for financial management, project management, BI reporting and many others.

An Overview of Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX delivers a new platform for AX deployments including on-premises, or public and private clouds options. It mainly focuses on offering customers precisely what they need, exactly when they need it, simultaneously providing a better understanding of the business operations and its processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

In this post, we’ve outlined important details to explain the product strategy, key features, and provide additional highlights.

The Strategy Behind Dynamics AX

The product strategy followed for Microsoft Dynamics AX is mobile-first and cloud-first. But, what exactly does that mean? Here’s a brief overview:


The new enhancements ensure that the application experience, regardless of the device platform it’s accessed on, remains the same for the user. Dynamics AX mobile apps turn point of sale into point of service with immersive, rich and secure mobile customer interactions.


This newly optimized platform is suitable for both public and private cloud deployments with a “what you need, when you need it” approach on Windows Azure. Dynamics AX brings unmatched power, speed and intelligence of cloud computing to businesses worldwide in order to achieve greater results.

Key Features of Dynamics AX


Improved Cloud Access and Mobility

As mobile devices begin to take the place of the traditional office tools, employees are increasingly using them to access data, offer sales quotes, check inventory and financial data, and more. These enhancements help improve cloud access and mobility.

New Browser-Based Interface

A browser-based interface replaced the current Windows Client making Dynamics AX capabilities available via new “work spaces,” promoting remote access across a variety of device platforms for enhanced collaboration.

Next Generation User Experience 

A superior user experience is delivered through the context-sensitive Windows 8 framework, based on the HTML5 technology. Features to improve the overall user experience take this ERP solution to the next level.

Lifecycle Management

The solution offers excellent lifecycle management – regardless of deployment choice from on premise, hybrid to full cloud. Besides these, there are other architectural enhancements that started in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to make AX more customizable in the cloud with smoother integration.

Key Benefits of Dynamics AX

You can work anytime, anywhere, and on any device with this cloud-based solution. Here are some of the key benefits that organizations will gain:

Seamless User Experience

Dynamics AX is the definition of modern web applications. The user interface is an extensive client browser based application that utilizes web service calls and components to provide a smooth and native experience.

Protect Business & Customers

During the Dynamics AX implementation process, you can work with your team to ensure that any personal information that is stored in the system is secured in accordance with the regulations of the regions which you operate in. Dynamics AX allows you to collect and store information from customers, employees, and vendors as part of your business processes.

Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

You can easily combine your ERP and CRM systems together. In terms of creating and configuring applications quickly saves maintenance and development time, which in turn results in a strong revenue growth and saves cost in relation to IT expenses.

Save Time & Increase Flexibility

By properly presenting data and information where and when it’s needed, Dynamics AX helps companies save time, respond to change or unexpected events quicker and keep critical business plans on track.

The seamless user experience will ensure that you maintain a competitive advantage in your industry while protecting your business and customers. Where does all of this lead? This ERP helps businesses reduce costs, increase revenue, save time and increase flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated, flexible and adaptable ERP that helps businesses make influential decisions with greater confidence. With complete end-to-end scalability and flexibility, this software enables companies around the world to take control of operations and promote growth.

No matter what your business, Dynamics AX has a wide range of capabilities that support your ERP needs. Learn how Indusa can help get the most out of this Microsoft solution.

Additional Resources

Microsoft previously referred to this product as Dynamics AX 7, and decided to stick with Dynamics AX instead. This reflects the decision to simplify branding and regularly update the cloud-based solution.

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