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Ahmedabad, India – 09 October, 2015: In the fast changing global scenario, the auto component industry in India faces many challenges. Some of the major challenges include greater competition in domestic as well as global markets, integrating into the global supply chain, quality level, issues related to product design & development, and manufacturing and associated technologies in the value chain, among others.

Technology has the potential to act as a force multiplier for the Indian auto-component industry. In order to realize the full benefits of technology investments, the industry focus has to shift from spending to smart spending by ensuring that business processes critical to a firm's competitiveness are IT enabled. The key question is how quickly the Indian auto-component industry is able to do this and how well it is able to integrate technology management with its business strategies.

With a view to help auto component manufacturers understand the need of technology adoption and future IT investments, Indusa successfully conducted a webinar titled “Technology and the Indian Auto Components Industry - What to expect in 2016!” on 8 October, 2015 - 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm IST.

This event gave a brief overview on:

  • Current challenges faced by Auto Components manufacturers
  • Need for technology adoption and issues faced
  • Trends for 2016
  • Technology adoption – next steps

Nasscom president Kiran Karnik talks about Indian Auto Components Industry and says "Increased IT adoption in the SME segment not only enables increased competitiveness for the user industry, but it also creates new markets for the Indian IT industry". He further adds "We see IT playing a very critical role in helping this sector achieve its global aspirations by enhancing their productivity and enabling these firms to seamlessly integrate with their global and domestic customers and suppliers".

The need for technology adoption is more crucial now than ever before, helping auto component firms meet productivity benchmarks and in enabling the firms to seamlessly integrate with their global and domestic customers and suppliers. As organizations plan for technology initiatives for 2016, it is important to understand the global trends that this industry is adopting and the shift in the Indian industry to match these global trends.

View the webcast to know more about the technology trends one can expect in Indian auto component industry market in 2016.

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