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London, UK – 12 March, 2015: Enterprise Mobility enables workforce to have instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime. It is establishing significant roles into industries like manufacturing, distribution and retail where stronger competition, tighter margins, and faster business processes are driving productivity, efficiency and profitability. Indusa is delighted to announce that it conducts a webinar titled “Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Apps for Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution" on 11 March, 2015 - 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm GMT. This webinar provides insight, tips, and guidance to businesses looking to build out enterprise mobility on how to approach implementation, navigate the mobility landscape, and address common challenges.

The event introduces the top 5 mobility applications for manufacturers, distributors and retailers and how these could impact your business operations. Indusa and IBM also shared their experiences with these industry verticals and how our mobile solutions helped mitigate their challenges.

According to a recent Aberdeen Group research report, ‘Next Generation Enterprise Mobility-Putting Mobile to Work’– Mobility is top of mind in retail, manufacturing, field service, logistics and many other industries. It has become not only the mechanism to deliver value to customers, but also a way to empower employees to make effective and timely decisions. Leaders in these industries prepare for the new wave of mobile technologies by establishing indigenous mobility initiatives to serve the business and meet the demands of their workers.

The webinar is presented by Manan Thakkar, Mobility Solutions Architect, Indusa and James Ford, Mobile Application Sales Specialist, IBM UK. As per Manan – “The enterprise mobility market is continuously growing and evolving. It offers end-to-end capability which help customers adopt mobility and benefit from its transformational power. It helps in increasing sales, improving existing processes and providing better customer services to manufacturing organisations, increasing profitability and competitive advantage in supply chain and distribution firms; and enhancing business capabilities in retail organisations. With complete offerings in enterprise mobility arena, Indusa can help your organisation leverage the power of mobility for competent and efficient business operations.”

The webinar covers the following points on a broader scale:

  • Creating enterprise mobility strategy
  • Prioritising the top 5 mobile apps for the industries
  • Implementation approaches and best practices
  • Real-life mobility implementation business cases – from Indusa and IBM
  • Implementation next steps

View this informative webcast to know the top 5 enterprise mobility apps for manufacturing, retail & distribution industries. The event will help these organisations understand the importance of implementing mobile solutions to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and better manage resources and materials.

Indusa offers a comprehensive spectrum of enterprise mobility services which drives business transformation helping you realise better outcome with a holistic approach built using IBM Worklight/ iOS/ Android platforms.