Planning, Infrastructure Design, Construction and Staffing Services on BOT Model


The client serves the gaming industry worldwide by designing, manufacturing and marketing games, video and such machines.


The client was looking for a partner to offer its services for planning and staffing its new facility for research and development initiatives, focused on delivering sustained, consistent growth over the near-and long-term.


Indusa was engaged with the client for offshore operations via the immensely tried-and-tested BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model. The activities encompassed space and infrastructure planning, designing and contracting, procurement of IT and other equipment, obtaining licenses and government approvals and establishing various policies and procedures. A significant part of the work was hiring their workforce.

List of services provided by Indusa includes:

  • Strategic planning for the establishment of the offshore center with investment and operational plans, project timelines, cost and cash flow projections, targets and goals and program management roles and responsibilities
  • Evaluation of location alternates – evaluation of 3 cities at offshore location and comparative assessment with respect to infrastructure and cost comparisons, operational convenience, access, and manpower availability. Selection of the city in conjunction with the client
  • Identifying facility options with the selected city, comparing fully furnished vis-à-vis warm shell offices, IT parks and standalone buildings, convenience and access, commuting options, costs, feasibility for expansion, incentives and finalizing the facility. Negotiations with the facility owner and vetting the terms of lease
  • Identifying the vendors for build outs, approving preliminary designs, developing RFQs, evaluating bidders with reference checks and cost and quality comparisons, negotiating and finalizing the contract
  • Supervising and expediting the build out, coordinating with the team managers to ensure that all requirements are met, assessing the quality of work, auditing the invoices and payments
  • Obtaining all the required licenses and approvals for the facility and operations from the different agencies and statutory authorities
  • Procuring all the equipment and infrastructure items including IT hardware/software and all peripheral items, electrical, network, access control, safety and security apparatus, climate control, power conditioning and standby power; internet services and telecommunications; laying down specs, identifying vendors, evaluating quotes, and placing orders; facilitating import of equipment including all customs, clearance, and logistics activities to receive equipment at site.
  • Managing all finance, accounts, regulatory compliance, banking, administrative, facility management including housekeeping and security services, transportation, and all related operational matters including all day to day operations
  • Sourcing of all engineers and managerial personnel for the Software development activities right up to the COO level, screening candidates as per Job Descriptions, arranging interviews and background checks, developing the HR practices and manual, developing the compensation and benefits structure, negotiating employment contracts, assisting in onboarding of employees, managing employee records, managing payroll and payment of statutory levies on personnel costs
  • Arranging Visas and assisting in travel plans, negotiating fares and facilitating travel as well as in-country assistance in the US for the core team of 15 key persons for their training and orientation visit to the US
  • Managing day to day operations including all statutory reporting and returns, funds planning and management, budgeting, foreign exchange management, compliance, accounts payables, audit and finalization of accounts, transfer pricing documentation and tax return
  • Managing employee services including food service, transport, leisure and social events, training and development, and benefits including health and life insurance and other long term benefits
  • Assistance in ramping up the hiring from initial level of 60 personnel to 150 personnel in Year 2. Sourcing and selecting personnel in the second round of hiring
  • Facilitating expat personnel visiting and working at the Indian facility with travel and stay arrangements, visa invitations, and assisting with local accommodation and commuting
  • Smooth transition of all operations to the client’s team including transfer of key finance, administration and HR managers

The above work was completed meeting all commitments, performance targets and SLAs at the end of the BOT period, completing the work satisfactorily.

Client Benefits:

  • Work was completed meeting all commitments, performance targets and SLAs
  • Exquisite monitoring, tracking and reporting helped the US team get a clear picture and timely inputs throughout the program
  • Client operations at its offshore location lead to a grand success
  • The team was expanded from initial 60 to over 150
  • Facility trebled in size
  • The operations have now taken over the activities that were operated from at least 4 other locations in the world
  • Have provided the client new capabilities that have allowed them to forge ahead in their competitive market