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Field Service Mobile Solution Streamlines Field Service Operations of an Independent Software Vendor’s (ISV) Clients

Customer : A leading ISV known for developing and deploying quality systems(SHGT)
Size : <50 employees
Country or region : Netherlands
Industry : Computer Software
Profile : The client offers industry-focused solutions integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, Office 365, and SharePoint
Services : Enterprise Mobility

Business Needs

The client is a leading ISV known for developing and deploying quality systems, and providing consistent support to products. They wanted to build a solution that could enhance the efficiency and productivity of their clients’ field service department.

The solution was targeted at clients in the growth phase, who may be dealing with an increasing number of new customers, and who are also facing difficulties in handling a large number of service requests. Typically, field service technicians face issues manually managing increasingly complex tasks related to service complaints, item/resource availability and usage, organizing customer details, time tracking, costs, and service histories.

In order to better manage the complex nature of their field service operations, the client wanted to develop a field service mobile solution that would in turn help their clients automate, manage, and transform their field service operations.

Solution and Approach

Indusa developed a comprehensive and easy-to-use field service mobile solution, which automated manual field service processes and assisted field service techs to resolve issues faster, enabling them to attend to service requests immediately and fix faulty parts on time for their customers.

Below are some key modules of the solution:

1. Task Listing (Work List) - User can search for a task, based on a field from the task listing which includes: service task ID, customer name, issue description, date, time, status, and priority.

2. Task Detail - When a task is listed on the task listing screen, its relevant details are downloaded to the mobile database. On the task detail screen, the user can make entries for various activities performed for that task.

3. Item Transfer - Users can select an item from the item list and request for the required quantity to be transferred. The request will be sent to the existing Microsoft Dynamics AX system of the client. After the required transfer happens the status automatically gets changed to ‘approved’. Users are also able to view a list of items that are transferred from the AX system to the user’s warehouse.

4. Create Service Order - Users can create a service order both online and offline. If the solution is online, the service order details will be sent to AX system and the task will be created there. Otherwise, a temporary service ID will be generated and the service order will be stored in the mobile database.

5. Service Manuals - Users can select relevant service manuals in the online mode and download them in the mobile database for future use.

6. Synchronization process - To synchronize mobile data with the AX system, there is a Sync button provided on all screens of the mobile solution. One click of this button and the Sync screen gets displayed as an overlay allowing the user to perform various sync operations.

Managing an item’s availability and usage is easier through the Item Usage feature provided in the solution. Users can add/delete the item, and the data gets saved in the mobile database.

Service notes can also be maintained in the solution. The field service technician can also maintain progress notes, internal notes, and send resolution texts.

With the cost management feature, users can enter information related to his/her incurred costs (like lunch, travel, items purchased on the road, and more).

The solution allows the field user to capture images, audios, and videos associated with the service order. Media files related to a particular service order are synced with the AX system.

Service histories are effectively maintained with the help of the solution.

Task Listing

Business Results

The solution provides direct access to service requests, item availability, and customer data from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet for field techs.

As there is real time visibility of the availability of items, the field techs always arrive at a job equipped with the right items.
The solution also allows the techs to organize customer details, including service history in a secure environment. As a result, they now spend less time managing existing customers.

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