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Updated Mobile Application for Healthcare Organization Works to Improve Patient Relationships

Customer : A leading healthcare provider
Size : over 25,000 employees
Country or region : USA
Industry : Healthcare
Profile : The client is a not-for-profit integrated system of 15 medical centers and 1,123 doctors in 343 clinic locations, as well as numerous outpatient surgery centers, medical plazas, rehabilitation programs, diagnostic imaging centers, and community health outreach programs
Services : Enterprise Mobility

Business Needs

As a leading healthcare provider across the southern East Coast, the client prides itself in providing a state-of-the-art approach to patient care. Part of that approach includes using the latest technology to connect with patients in order to improve their quality of care and their experiences, at the facilities provided by the client.

While the client already had a healthcare application deployed, it lacked the functionalities and design of a patient-centered app. It need UI/UX improvements as well as new modules for patients to access. As a result, Indusa worked to recreate an iOS application for the client, with numerous feature enhancements, including high-resolution images and enhanced UX functionality in order to improve its reception and usage amongst patients.

Indusa worked closely with the client in order to develop the new application with diverse functionalities and a visually appealing and useful design. The desired end-result was to provide an additional channel of communication direct to patients that visit their numerous facilities resulting in improved patient relationships for better care and services.

Solution and Approach

The iOS application was primarily developed and improved upon by the Indusa team. Numerous features, both functional and cosmetic, were created and added in order to produce a robust and user friendly application. Several prominent features included:

Menu: A new hamburger style menu was created for this app with sliding effect and scroll functions. The new menu was also added with new items like a My Chart feature, app feedback, emergency contact information, and a privacy statement.

My Chart: This feature allows users to remotely and securely access their personal health information from their mobile device. Both the banner and icon of My Chart takes the user directly to the My Chart app, if they have installed it. If the user does not have My Chart installed, the button will take them directly to its download location in the app store.

1. Emergency Contacts: Users can add and view emergency contact details as needed and when required. All fields are entry fields and the user has to manually enter the required information.

2. App Feedback: Users can fill in feedback details in App Feedback and the submitted data will be sent back to the server as an XML response.

3. Privacy Statement: This feature shows details related to privacy statement.

4. Find a Doctor: Users can search for a local doctor by name, specialty, and practice.

5. View ‘Wait times’: Wait times are approximate and represent the average estimated length of time from registration to seeing a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. The app allows users to view the wait times for practices, hospitals, and urgent care facilities sorted either by distance from current location, wait time, or name of the facility.

6. Find a Location: The user can easily locate the closest urgent care, hospital, practice, or pharmacy using a map and easily get directions to that location. The user can also contact the facility directly using the call bubble feature with the relevant phone number. The app also includes a few links to website, Facebook page, videos, and the “Hold My Place” feature.

7. Hold My Place: With this functionality, users can reserve an appointment by filling in details on the screen. The check-in time dropdown gets the data specific to location selected and sends reservation data to the server as an XML feed.

8. Urgent Care: Intuitive icons were created to represent different facilities based off of color coding. The facility name was added in addition to location information and current wait time. Clicking upon each row displays map in full screen mode with the bubble showing the facility name and address.

9. Favorites: Users can get a listing of their favorite doctors and hospitals. They can also add doctors/locations to their favorites list for quick access

10. Search Function: The search function was made available as a global entity on all major screens of the app via a magnifying glass icon. The search feature allows users to:

  • Type ahead with icons indicating what category the results will be from.
  • Search on five major categories doctors, practices, hospitals, urgent care facilities, and pharmacies.
  • Search results displays data related to categories they belong to, wait times appear when possible, phone numbers appear in clickable buttons, and call warning bubble is displayed before a call is actually made.

These functions were added in order to improve patient relationships within the client and to give them greater access and control over their health information, doctor’s visits, and other medical necessities. In addition to these features, Indusa assisted the client with any existing issues with the application and deploying it on the Apple store.

Location details

Business Results

The new version of the iOS application had numerous modifications to the UI and UX, as well as additional screens to enhance the functionality of the application. The Indusa team also worked rectified any issues that were created in the previous version of the app. Their design and functional suggestions also served as a framework for an Android version of the application which the client later released.

As a result of deploying the application, the client was able to bolster customer relationships and better provide for their patients. By relying on Indusa’s wide breadth of industry knowledge, the application was released on-time and without any major bugs or difficulties. By using the application, the client can position itself as a forward thinking organization that provides the highest quality of resources and care for its patients.

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