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Environmental Services Company Migrates from Salesforce to Dynamics CRM

Customer : A leading Environmental Services Company
Size : 280 employees
Location : USA
Industry : Environmental Services
Profile : The client designs and manufactures affordable, sustainable wastewater technologies for individual properties and whole communities
Services : Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Needs

Since 1981, the client has researched, designed, and manufactured leading edge onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment technologies. The client sells their products from about 300 distribution points worldwide and they relied on their customer relationship management (CRM) software in order to monitor their contacts, leads, and interactions with contacts and clients.

The client was originally using Salesforce as their CRM software. However, they found that Salesforce lacked the reporting functions and customizability that was required for their CRM system. As a result, Indusa assisted the client with their data migration, customization, and implementation from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Solution and Approach

Indusa worked with the client in order to transfer all of their existing data from Salesforce into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using the Scribe Workbench tool, Indusa ensured that during the data migration, all the necessary information was transferred into their new CRM system. The values migrated included Account, Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Contract, Campaign, Case, Notes, Activities, Activity Party, Appointment, Quote, Email, Event, Fax, Letter, Phone Call, and Site Visit as well as field level conditions and global pick list values.

Indusa also created new forms such as “Contact Us”, Google AdWords, and “Literature Request” for their website. New entities were also created such as “Web Inquiry” and “Opportunity Partners”. All of the existing Salesforce workflows integrated into Dynamics CRM and additionally, Indusa created new Dynamic Reports for the client. These reports included Sales Activity Reports, Opportunity Activity Analysis, Activity Logging, Neglected Opportunities, Neglected Accounts, and Activities by Type on Opportunity.

Dynamics CRM also allowed for greater customizability than Salesforce had allowed. Indusa provided customizations for the client that allowed them to run reports and create forms that were tailored to their own specific business needs.

Dynamics Reports

Business Results

By migrating to Microsoft Dynamics, the client was able to achieve a configurable migration and customization as well as a flexible CRM solution that addressed the unique requirements of the client. By relying on a customized CRM, The client was able to achieve greater efficiency by using workflows and forms that were tailored to their specific business needs. The customized reports also provided them with insight into their operations, allowing for improved decision making and sales processes. Additionally, by migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the client was able use a more flexible and cost effective licensing model – ultimately saving them money on their CRM subscription.

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