QA & Testing

The trends involving product, application and web testing have undergone a whirlwind change in recent times. Testing is now perceived as a strategic enabler that helps secure customer satisfaction and client’s success. It is important for organizations to adhere to quality standards and qualitative assessments that have now become the standard.

Indusa offers extensive QA and testing services to its clients globally. We configure virtual servers using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware and are also experienced in emulation of data-centers in virtual environments. Our testing team is adept in testing multiple operating systems, localized OS with different languages and Cluster environment. We facilitate essential tools, for both desktop and mobile environments, either on premise or through the cloud infrastructure. Our web testing services include Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Code Optimization (VnV), Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing, Acceptance Testing, Compatibility Testing and SOA Testing.

Testing a software or an application requires specific tools running on complex and specialized platforms. We have expertise in using a variety of testing tools, some of these include VSTS 2012, JMeter for Automated Performance Testing; IBM Rational Functional Testing (RFT), Microsoft Coded UI, Selenium for Automated Functional Testing; Test Rail for Test Case Management; and TFS, Mantis, Bugzilla, Jira, BTS, Assembla as Bug tracking tools. In addition, Indusa provides business-driven Quality Assurance and testing services, combining industry recognized leading testing methodologies such as Agile Methodology. Such methodologies help us identify and minimize risks that can occur at the testing stage across the entire product lifecycle.

As smartphones and tablets enter the market at a rapid pace, organizations look forward to develop sophisticated testing capabilities and provide cross-platform support to deliver appropriate application quality and business assurance. Selecting the right tools for testing mobile web as well as native mobile apps can certainly reduce project complexity and development time. Imprinted with a variety of Testing/QA engineers at Indusa, the mobile testing team has been using a variety of tools to offer complete bug free mobile device/application. Some of the tools we use are – Device Anywhere, Perfecto Mobile, aLogcat, iOS Simulator in iOS SDK, Monkey from Android, DDMS from Android, TestiPhone, Android Virtual Device, Blackberry Smartphone SDK, Emulator for Windows Phone 8, and few more.

Service offering:

  • Test/QA Consulting – Includes agile testing, benchmarking, process alignment and VnV (verification and validation) services
  • End-to-End Testing – Includes product testing, solution testing and release management
  • Process Definition – Includes test lab setup, cloud testing, and simulator tools
  • Automated Testing – Includes tool scripting and performance analysis
  • Mobile Device / App Testing – Enhance end-user experience across digital channels

Value Proposition:

  • 40% cost savings in Test infrastructure
  • 30% faster Turnaround time for testing results and delivery
  • 50% time and cost savings due to offshore testing operations
  • 25% boost in productivity due to efficient test execution

Case Studies:

Virtualization services for Data Replication

Summary: Indusa performed extensive testing for data replication to test compatibility and performance of data replication and failover software in Windows environment. Identification of defects prior to Release into production resulted in cost saving for the client.
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Independent Testing Services for a Directory Application

Summary: Indusa provides its Independent testing services to the client for its web-based directory application, using a number of test artifacts.
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End-to-end Testing for Bike Builder Application

Summary: Indusa helped the client identify issues related to the development of a bike builder application with a round-the-clock engagement model. Our major services involved regression testing and re-testing resulting into 47% time saving.
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Software Testing for Data Replication & Failover Software

Summary: Indusa executed Windows-based tests on data replication and failover software, using test lab and performed extensive testing for a data replication and storage software provider. Automation test cases were performed through JScript and VBscript to optimize testing.
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Software Testing for a Disaster Recovery Product

Summary: Indusa executed testing on Linux based storage software using test lab and performed various types of testing for a data replication and storage software provider. The services facilitated 29% faster turnover in providing support to their customer issues.
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