Software Product Development

Indusa helps software companies out-innovate the competition by shortening product lifecycles by 25%-40%

Trusted Code. Brilliant Products. Reliable Software Partners.

From Fortune 500s to startups, Indusa provides technology leaders the assurance of trusted, proven collaboration to produce integrated software solutions.

The way that individuals interact with software is defining brands, customer experiences, and determines customer retention, which inevitably impacts bottom lines and revenue. At Indusa, we recognize the intersections of IoT, artificial intelligence, mobility, cloud, big data are defining the innovation of the future. Software product development has seen product lifecycles decrease while end user expectations increase. And our team has the capabilities to meet this challenge by partnering for prototyping, UI/UX modernization, new product development, modernization or product reengineering, or QA/testing. We can support on the entire product development or QA/testing, or just parts you need to scale or supplement. With well-defined process of development supported by up-to-date coding guidelines, best practices, industry standard toolset and transparent communication & status reporting our team is well equipped to create scalable products/solutions. Whether agile, modified waterfall, or scrum methodologies, our goal is for you to be satisfied and the end product to be developed on your timeline.

Bring us your requirements, and we’ll serve as your scale up-or-down, multiskilled partner to co-build a quality, tested product.

Delivering a Complete Suite of Software Product Development Services

  • New Product Development
  • Prototyping
  • Product Reengineering, Modernization, and Migration
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Release Management
  • SaaS, Mobile, and Analytics Enablement
  • QA and Testing

Faster time to market

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Rapid Innovation

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Cost optimization

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Why Choose Indusa for Software Development?

  • Implementation Best Practices

    Indusa provides a full spectrum of software product development services by leveraging best practices including kick-off meetings, transparent communications, strong account management, and reporting. We use Agile and Scrum frameworks to ensure steady progress, flexibility of the development process, and timely results. To offer organizations the much needed financial flexibility, we also offer on-demand services such as creating on-demand software test labs.

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

    We provide complete software development services from inception to delivery and work to release superior software, while minimizing delivery delays. Our co-development services offer scalability of resources during the software development lifecycle. We use the hybrid model, which is a perfect collaboration of our onsite, onshore, and offshore teams.

  • Resource Expertise

    From very simple to very sophisticated, we strive our best to get it all done efficiently. Our offshore software development team of seasoned software engineers, solution architects, domain experts, and project managers have executed multiple projects on various platforms. They possess a knack for increasing software quality through process rigor.

  • Capabilities and Competencies

    We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Competency in application development and have a strong track record in software excellence. We help build software based on hands on industry experience in specific verticals. We focus on people, process, and technology to ensure that you capture the benefits of the developed software to maximize ROI.

  • Complete Suite of Services

    We have the expertise to bring your ideas to life at every stage of software development life cycle. From product design, development, and testing to release management and product enhancements, we ensure that every aspect of your project is completed on time and within budget.

Partnering With a B2B Marketing Technology Startup for Smarter and Strategic Software Development

By partnering with Indusa, the marketing software company was able to ensure their product had innovative functionalities as well as a timely release. The product gained success in the marketing software landscape and earned the company a “Cool Vendor” award from Gartner

Strategic Partnership Allows Client to Improve Product Release Time by 26 percent

Indusa’s strategic approach to testing and services helped the software product company improve security, operational flexibility, and responsiveness for their customers. The company was able to reduce product release time by 26 percent and achieve a 36 percent cost savings

Developing a Suite of Marketing Tools to Provide Actionable Intelligence

A leading global B2B research and advisory firm sought to create and maintain interactive tools for its clients (sales, marketing and product) to turn their knowledge into actionable frameworks. These applications enabled the client to showcase and distribute their new array of web-based tools, bolstering their reputation with potential and longstanding customers alike.