Field Service Mobile App

The Field Service application / mFieldService app (mobile service app) boosts the productivity and effectiveness of field service personnel with efficient field service, seamless order management & offline work support anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices.

Field service personnel deliver critical services and require real-time information and customer data at their disposal at all times, no matter where or when. Field technicians, service managers and field service executives require access to the company’s ERP system virtually using a tablet or smartphone device anytime, anywhere. The Field Service app is powered by a secured system of authentication, and is rich, consistent, powerful and accessible to a tablet, smartphone or laptop and has become the need of the hour.

Key challenges faced by field service engineers:

  • Inability to get instant visibility into customer and work order histories
  • Inability to use any mobile device or tablet on field
  • Inability to track status of activities of service executives in real time
  • Delay in response and decision-making in the field
  • Inefficient service calls and hence poor customer feedback
  • Delay in on-schedule delivery of services
  • High customer level expectations due to complex tasks
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mFieldService app (mobile service app) is a complete field service application which runs on all devices including smartphones and tablets and is compatible with various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. With its capabilities, portability and easy app installation, this IBM Worklight based solution has taken field service to the next level.

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Using this app, field technicians can access to customer and case history, information about inventory, logistics, and more in real-time. They can easily access to information quickly, like fixing service issues at some location, thus providing the best possible service options to clients.

Benefits include:

  • Facilitate Support BYOD and a smarter workforce
  • Enable a consistent, connected user experience across multiple devices
  • Use of IBM Worklight helps in reducing time-to-market, cost and complexity
  • Ensure compliance with proper field service processes
  • Optimum routing for service calls as well as driving directions
  • Increase revenue through order placement functionality
  • Real-time visibility into work status and customer work history
  • Quick response to last minute changes in schedule and decision-making in the field
  • Raise customer satisfaction by meeting service-level agreements and resolving issues early
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration in the field