Indusa has touched some important aspects of the IT world over a period of time, especially in the field of software development. Here are some whitepapers which encapsulate relevant facts about the latest concepts and trends prevalent in the IT industry. Download and save it for future reference.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

    The whitepaper provides information about the discrete manufacturing industry, its various segments, challenges faced by the industry, accurate solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for various segments of the industry and the features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

    What’s New in AX 2012 For the Process Industry?

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 boasts an incredible no. of features in its latest offering. Read the whitepaper to know how the ERP Solution is a step ahead than its counterparts and the best fit for the process industry. Additionally, get a clear perspective of how the licensing options can work in your favor.

    Smart Mobility with Microsoft Dynamics AX

    This whitepaper speaks about the need for smart mobility and leveraging of mobile apps to maximize the full potential of Dynamics AX. It explains how smart mobile apps can be custom built for the mobile workforce who are forever on the go. Finally, it mentions some key aspects which are helpful in integration of mobile apps with the organization’s AX database for real-time updates.

    Microsoft SharePoint

    Business-Critical SharePoint for Pharma Industry

    The whitepaper provides information on how SharePoint has been adopted in the pharmaceutical industry at an unprecedented rate. The whitepaper explains some key scenarios where SharePoint is used for pharma companies such as LOB Connectivity, Regulatory Compliance, Enterprise Search and Employee Self-Service. The whitepaper presents a case where SharePoint is used by a pharma company to improve user experience of accessing ERP data through SharePoint and automate workflows for quicker approvals and access to key documents. It also speaks about how pharma companies can enable automated business processes across the organization, bring teams together, boost ROI, and lower IT TOC with Business-Critical SharePoint solutions that are based on connected systems, enable a connected enterprise, and drive connected value.

    SharePoint 2013: Cloud vs. On-Premise

    The whitepaper is based on SharePoint 2013 with its online counterpart in the latest Microsoft Office 365. The document articulates the reasons why IT decision makers now must choose whether to deploy it On-premise or use the latest Cloud-based iterations of the collaboration platform.

    SharePoint as Your Digital Marketing Platform

    New technologies from social media and mobility to rich digital media devices and natural user interfaces are transforming how marketers connect with customers. This whitepaper will show you how SharePoint 2010 and its products SharePoint-FIS and FAST Search Server 2010 can help you tap the Internet for digital advertising, and marketing to drive and measure business results.

    Unified Infrastructure with SharePoint 2010

    This whitepaper explains the need for a unified infrastructure for different types of organizations. It further elaborates on the architecture, the various components involved and the strategy for implementing SharePoint 2010 in an organization. The whitepaper also describes how Indusa’s expertise can leverage the SharePoint 2010 solution for developing a unified infrastructure.

    Why SharePoint 2010 is an affordable ECM solution

    Many organizations are being driven to implement both enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration solutions. SharePoint 2010 can provide both the collaborative functionality as well as document management functionality that, in some cases, can meet the business’ ECM requirements. With SharePoint’s rich and deep inventory of ECM functionality designed to meet the business needs of the masses, customers are seeking out and evaluating SharePoint-based ECM solutions. This is touted to be a pervasive business trend in 2011 and beyond.

    Hosted SharePoint vs. On-premise SharePoint

    This whitepaper presents the case between hosted SharePoint and on-premise SharePoint and their individual benefits from different points of view: the end user, IT manager, and the developer. The budget perspective is also presented along with some information about Indusa’s SharePoint services. This whitepaper is useful for all those who are still confused about the approach they should be taking for implementing SharePoint in their organization.

    Indusa’s SharePoint to Microsoft Exchange Migration Utility

    Indusa developed a smart document collaboration utility to migrate content from Microsoft Exchange public folders to SharePoint. It is an intuitive and versatile solution which can configure the path of migration and has an inbuilt validating component which checks for invalid filenames and characters.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Deliver amazing customer experiences with Dynamics CRM

    With the right sales productivity solution in place, sales organizations can transform the way they sell. This paper articulates on why sales organizations should use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to close more deals with less effort. It also provides concrete examples showing how successful sales leaders are transforming the way they sell with their Microsoft solutions.

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    Microsoft .Net

    Legacy Modernization Services

    The whitepaper talks about the need for application migration / legacy modernization, its business and technical drivers, Indusa’s migration methodology as well as approach in phases. Indusa’s legacy modernization services ensure savings of efforts while understanding the application architecture and documenting round-trip information, and coding efforts using Indusa’s automation tools.

    Enterprise Mobility

    Resolving the Top 5 Challenges in Field Service with Mobility

    This whitepaper on Field Service Mobility discusses the top 5 challenges faced in field service operations and how mobility can overcome each of the challenge. It explains how mobile applications for field service have enabled game-changing competences for companies looking for new ways to simultaneously raise revenues, enhance customer experience and reduce costs. It also highlights a business case on an efficient Field Service Solution built for an online distributor store enabling a consistent, connected user experience across multiple devices.

    IBM Worklight

    This whitepaper on Cross-platform Mobility using IBM Worklight deals with the need for cross-platform mobile apps, IBM Worklight as an effective cross-platform tool – its overview and advantages, and more. The document also articulates the reasons for considering Hybrid approach, as well as a case study on a Field Service App built on IBM Worklight platform to process service orders in real-time.

    Enterprise Mobility

    The whitepaper speaks about Enterprise mobility that has become an essential part of business due to the explosive growth of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Read the whitepaper to know about the factors driving Enterprise mobility, mobile usage in enterprises, Benefits of using Enterprise Mobile Applications, Models of Enterprise Mobile Application Development, Process of Enterprise Mobile Application Development and Deployment and a business case of a Field Sales App developed to process sales orders on-site.

    Be Agile with Mobile BI

    This whitepaper on Mobile BI deals with the necessity of having business intelligence capabilities and applications on the smartphone. It explains how Mobile BI can benefit decision-makers to take real-time decisions based on enterprise dashboards, KPIs and mobile analytics. The document also enunciates on how SharePoint can prove to be an effective Business Intelligence solution which can be used in smartphones.


    Database Archiving for Enterprise Applications — the Need of the Hour

    Many companies today shell out millions of dollars in maintaining and upgrading business critical applications annually, especially those that rely on relational databases which are very complex. An enormous amount of data is collected for business operations and the decision-making process. As a result, the databases become bulky and overloaded, in turn degrading performance.. Most of this data is rarely accessed, yet it continues to lie in production databases.

    The process of database archiving plays a crucial role in enterprise applications. It allows archival and purging of such rarely accessed data and storing it on recoverable storage media. The data archives enable immediate and easy access — a highly critical requirement for e-discovery and data retention policies. This process also ensures that the databases are not loaded with inactive data and can attain optimum performance.
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